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Top Five Ways to Reduce Employee Attrition Infographic

By reducing warehouse employee attrition, your organization can uncover hidden capacity, control costs, and boost responsiveness.

As competition intensifies and customer expectations rise around next-day shipping, the tight labor market is leading to serious concerns over meeting productivity goals. Meeting the needs of your workforce is key to your organization's success.

Top Five Ways to Reduce Employee Attrition Infographic

This infographic highlights five ways to help reduce warehouse employee attrition in the distribution industry:

  • Adopt flexible scheduling
    Worker demographics are shifting, so be prepared to meet the scheduling needs of a multi-generational workforce.
  • Provide leadership-development programs
    Retain existing employees by giving them the training tools they need to succeed in the warehouse.
  • Offer consumer-like technology
    Investing in technology to modernize and mobilize your warehouse workforce can pay big dividends.
  • Be honest and transparent
    Transparency fosters a collaborative work environment, so be candid with your warehouse employees.
  • Support effective management
    Choose effective people managers who are invested in their teams' performance and success.

Download this infographic to learn more about how your organization can combat the challenges of a growing supply-chain workforce shortage.