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Optimizing the Bank Branch in a Digital World

Learn how the digital reinvention of the bank branch through new technologies is enhancing both account holder and employee experiences.

Mobile and online banking haven’t spelled the end of the physical branch. Far from it! Account holders still value brick-and-mortar branch locations staffed with knowledgeable employees to help them with more complex, higher-value interactions such as mortgages.

In this infographic, you’ll see how applying digital workforce solutions at the branch has been shown to improve sales, productivity, service levels, and employee engagement.

Optimizing the Bank Branch in a Digital World Infographic

Read how today's digital technology can:

  • Improve customer service with appointment-setting solutions
  • Maximize the lobby with lobby tracking solutions, self-service kiosks, and more
  • Nurture a more engaged, productive workforce
  • Facilitate scheduling for higher productivity and customer service

Download this infographic to learn more about how improved lobby management, along with time-saving digital tools, can enhance the account holder experience — and how focusing on employee engagement initiatives, robust scheduling, and workforce optimization can create a workforce inspired to support the success of both customers and the organization.