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Achieving Stability in Manufacturing

Learn five key takeaways from a survey of HR leaders at U.S. manufacturers aimed at understanding strategies and challenges related to the current job market and economic climate.

Achieving Stability in Manufacturing Infographic

Beyond staffing and supply chain struggles, is stability in sight for U.S. manufacturers?

The Workforce Institute™ at UKG surveyed 300+ HR leaders at U.S. manufacturers to understand the organizational strategies and challenges they face today. Discover key findings from the study to help you prepare for the future state of manufacturing.

are struggling to fill critical labor gaps
1 in 4
said production lines were understaffed at least half the time
9 in 10
are working to enhance company culture

Explore this infographic for insights to help your organization:

  • Improve recruiting, hiring, and retention practices to address labor shortages
  • Enhance the employee experience for higher productivity and reduced turnover
  • Support smarter scheduling to better align staffing to production demand
  • Create a culture that focuses on DE&B and employee wellbeing and safety

Variable demand can worsen staffing issues and impact people’s livelihoods and wellbeing. More concrete strategies and tools are needed to forecast demand and labor needs with respect to real-time market conditions to manifest the future state of manufacturing.

This infographic provides insight into top manufacturing challenges as well as people-centric solution for achieving greater stability moving forward.