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UKG for Convenience Stores

Realize the potential of your people for a strong competitive advantage

UKG for Convenience Stores

C-stores are looking for innovative ways to gain market share. Learn how UKG™ workforce management solutions help you attract and retain best-fit employees and better manage the critical business issues you face daily in the UKG for Convenience Stores solution guide.

Highly engaged and productive employees — those who deliver exceptional customer service, maintain a clean store environment, and ensure products are fresh and available — are what drives repeat business. But challenges such as increasing labor costs, high industry turnover rates, disengaged employees, and growing compliance demands can make it difficult to deliver the experience customers expect and win their loyalty. UKG for Convenience Stores provides solutions that help identify opportunities for cost savings, drive employee engagement and productivity gains, and minimize compliance risk so you can deliver superior service and improve bottom-line results.

Learn how UKG for Convenience Stores helps your company:

  • Better control labor costs with more effective forecasting and scheduling
  • Hire and retain a quality workforce that is consistently engaged and productive
  • Manage compliance with labor laws, government regulations, and union rules

Download this solution guide and discover how UKG solutions help your entire workforce — from cashiers, sales associates, HR, and payroll administrators to store, assistant, and district managers.