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Improve Meal and Rest Break Compliance

As more states enact meal and rest break laws, providing proof of compliance is critical. Learn how UKG Dimensions™ prompts employees to attest to whether they’ve taken required meal and rest breaks and documents their response, to mitigate potential compliance issues.

Failing to comply with meal and rest break laws can result in Department of Labor audits, significant fines, and expensive lawsuits. Find out how using UKG Dimension attestation tools can simplify and streamline complying with these changing laws.

Improve Meal and Rest Break Compliance

Your organization can see these important benefits when using the attestation tools:

  • Empower employees to attest to their meal and rest breaks when automatically prompted as they punch out
  • Simplify monitoring and reporting on employee attestation of their breaks
  • Demonstrate compliance through auditable proof of employee attestation
  • Reduce compliance risk by helping to ensure you are following all state meal and rest break rules

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG Dimensions attestation tools can help your organization maintain compliance with the meal and rest break laws in the individual states where you conduct business.