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Enhancing Your ERP Solution with UKG K-12

School districts should manage staff as strategic assets. Learn how integrating your ERP and workforce management solutions supports better people management through real-time access to data for informed decisions and more efficient processes for improved productivity.

A number of large school districts in the U.S. are enhancing their ERP systems with UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) K-12 solutions to make data-driven decisions, improve compliance, and streamline workforce management.

Enhancing Your ERP Solution with UKG-12

When UKG K-12 is integrated with a school district’s ERP solution, the district can realize numerous benefits, including:

  • Easy enforcement of annual leave rules
  • Automation of call-back pay
  • Streamlined overtime approval processes
  • Simplified grant tracking and personnel activity reporting
  • Bidirectional integration with substitute teacher management systems

Download this informative piece to learn more reasons why enhancing your ERP solution with UKG for K-12 can deliver efficiencies, improve labor budget management, and provide a user-friendly experience.