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Unleashing the Power of Healthcare Workforce Data

Visibility into workforce data is key to well managing a healthcare workforce. In Unleashing the Power of Healthcare Workforce Data, learn how a UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) assessment provides organizations with valuable insight through real-time data and analytics.

This article from HFMA outlines the challenges that healthcare organizations face when they don’t have visibility into timely workforce information, and it provides examples of important information and benefits that healthcare organizations have realized with this complimentary UKG assessment.

Unleashing the Power of Healthcare Workforce Data

By analyzing a year of workforce data, the assessment provides key insights on:

  • High overtime rates
  • Trends in unplanned absences
  • Turnover of first-year staff and its costs
  • Improving scheduling to optimize staff capacity
  • Added costs of manual processes

Download this informative article to learn more about how a UKG assessment of your healthcare organization’s workforce data can help you turn insights into improvement strategies for addressing these issues.

“By digging into some key performance areas in the assessment, we can start to uncover some of these trends that weren’t visible or quantifiable before.”

Ralph Baker, Senior Manager
Data Science Practice Group
Ultimate Kronos Group