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Improving Employee Engagement Through Financial Wellness

Learn how the Rellevate wage advance solution can help organizations recruit and retain employees.

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Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Learn how UKG partner organization Rellevate provides wage advances to help employees access cash between pay cycles. It’s an employee benefit that helps employers attract, recruit, and retain employees and improve engagement.

Supporting employees’ financial wellness helps organizations keep loyal employees. When they aren’t concerned about how they will pay bills between paydays, employees can be more engaged in their work.

In this printed Q&A discussion, Linda Misegradis, public sector business consulting director at UKG, asks Stewart Stockdale, Rellegate co-founder, chairman, and CEO, about how the company is helping organizations enhance their employees’ engagement through financial wellness and peace of mind. Highlights of the discussion include:

  • The program, free to employers, helps address employees’ cashflow needs
  • Employees pay only a small transaction fee to access up to 50% of their earned wages as often as they need
  • Advanced funds are deposited in any U.S. bank account and are automatically repaid on payday
  • Integration with an existing UKG solution speeds setup

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Rellevate helps organizations engage their employees by supporting their financial wellness.

“Through this partnership, and our shared core values, Rellevate’s products reflect our mission to encourage consumer financial responsibility and help employees save time and money. Our platform helps strengthen the relationship between employers and employees by making it easy and cost effective to offer earned wage access”

-Stewart A. Stockdale, Co-Founder, Chairman, CEO
Rellevate, Inc.