From Challenge to Opportunity: Rethinking Healthcare Culture and Workforce Dynamics


Discover how next-generation innovation can help healthcare organizations and senior living communities accelerate their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) journey and ultimately attract and retain the right-fit staff, which can lead to better patient outcomes and healthier financial margins.


Creating a culture of trust has long-range benefits

Healthcare organizations and senior living communities today must strike the right balance between business performance and people performance. Research has shown organizations that value and invest in a culture driven by diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) outperform others by up to 400%.

Join Brian K. Reaves, Chief Belonging, Equity, and Impact Officer at UKG, and Nanne Finis, Chief Nurse Executive at UKG, for an interactive conversation around steps healthcare organizations and senior living communities can take to accelerate the achievement of their employee recruitment and retention goals.

Their discussion will explore how:

  • A high-trust culture can lead to high performance
  • Technology can play a role in supporting an organization in achieving its goal of becoming both people-centric and a great place to work.
  • The UKG Great Place To Work Hub can turn typical HR metrics into actionable opportunities to build inclusive, equitable cultures by bringing together our research, your data, and your employees' voices.
  • UKG solutions can enable every organization to find the best talent and retain the best employees.
  • Great Place To Work organizations have higher employee retention rates and lower levels of employee burnout—plus, they innovate faster, rebound faster from a recession, and have higher financial performance
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