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The Parking Spot Uses UKG Pro to Support Employee Giving Campaign

  • Establishes a technical foundation for its employee giving strategy

  • Streamlines campaign administration while providing a simple and secure giving platform

  • Enables administrators to create a focused campaign for local employees or for specific needs

The Parking Spot

The Parking Spot has been a trusted short- and long-term parking solution for U.S. travelers for over two decades, currently serving more than 20 major airports with 40 parking locations.


Prior to using UKG Pro®, the company used a small payroll provider for its human capital management. The company sought a solution that could help support its growth plans while delivering innovative HR technology. The company selected Pro, which includes UKG Pro Giving, a solution that enables companies to offer employees more opportunities to make a difference in their communities, with charitable giving campaigns that make participation easy and convenient.

The Parking Spot’s core corporate value revolves around people, and the company has a proud history of employees rallying around causes and colleagues facing adversity. Prior to utilizing Giving, the company collected employee donations through cumbersome and unsecure methods, such as cash jars sitting at parking lot kiosks, the activation of credit card readers for in-person events, and employees using cash apps to transfer money to executives’ personal accounts.


With Giving, the company established the technical foundation for its employee giving strategy, streamlining campaign administration and providing its 1,500 people with a simple and secure giving platform.

"We were thrilled by how easy our first campaign was using Giving, in support of Black History Month,” said Mary Ruberry, Chief People Officer at The Parking Spot. “Because we were capturing substantial sums of money, our accounting team and payroll team were deeply involved. Everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no need to build out a carrier connection or any other technical interface to move the money to where it was intended. Our first campaign was a critical moment to build employee trust in our process, and we can now promote future campaigns with a high degree of credibility.”

Ruberry noted that, because all employee giving takes place through the Pro mobile app, administrators have options in Giving to create a focused campaign for only local employees, or for responding to a specific need. In addition, the employees are able to tailor their giving in the app, with the option to view active campaigns and personal donations to date.

“Our first campaign was a critical moment to build employee trust in our process, and we can now promote future campaigns with a high degree of credibility.”

Mary Ruberry

Chief People Officer


“Our hourly employees, which make up the majority of our employee base, come from a place in their hearts where they want to give,” said Ruberry. “Giving empowers our employees to donate in a way that is meaningful to them. We had one employee who decided he was able to give $1 per day for the duration of the February campaign, for a total of $28. The ease of giving through the app is evident in the response from our employees to our Black History Month campaign. Prior to the app, we had no way to track who contributed, as it was cash and all manual. For me, our giving journey has been educational and inspiring, and, at the executive level, we are so proud to have embraced a technology that amplifies our culture."

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