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Culp Takes Advantage of UKG Pro Employee Pay for Convenience, Time Savings

  • Enables Culp to focus energy on key business drivers instead of administratively burdensome payroll tasks

  • Supports pay processes tailored to Culp’s unique business requirements, achieved in collaboration with UKG payroll experts

  • Delivers increased visibility into the payroll process, start to finish

UKG Pro provides accurate, on-time payroll

Culp supplies a wide range of mattress and upholstery fabrics to customers across the globe. The company’s headquarters are in High Point, North Carolina, with large concentrations of employees in North Carolina, Indiana and Tennessee. The company also has employees in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and Georgia.


Culp sought to replace its aging human capital management (HCM) platform with a modern, agile solution backed by a vendor offering services to handle employee payments. Culp lacked the staffing it needed to administer complex pay-related processes on its own, and had been using a separate vendor to process and post payroll.


Culp went live and began using UKG Pro® Employee Pay. UKG uses its banking relationships to process employees' payments, eliminating payment reconciliations burdens. UKG remits the net check and direct deposit payments directly to Culp's employees on Culp's pay date, from a UKG bank account.

"It's a relief to transfer responsibility of our complex pay-related processes to UKG's experienced professionals," said Angela Cranfill, Payroll and HRIS Manager at Culp. "Having UKG remit employee payments not only gives me time back in my day, but also is a great way to reduce compliance risk."

According to Cranfill, the value of UKG Pro Employee Pay comes from pay processing, and the way UKG payroll experts tailored processes to Culp's unique business requirements.

“It's a relief to transfer responsibility of our complex pay-related processes to UKG experienced professionals.”

Angela Cranfill

Payroll and HRIS Manager


UKG Pro Employee Pay has freed Cranfill from lower-value administrative tasks, so she can turn her attention to key business projects. The company has deployed HCM enhancements related to tracking employee time, and leveraged UKG Pro's robust reporting to support Culp's move to self-billing for employee ancillary benefits. Most importantly for Cranfill, however, is making sure the company's employees are paid right.

"UKG Pro Employee Pay gives me the time to focus on the top priority of our HR Services team paying our people accurately and on time," said Cranfill. "Getting each employee's paycheck right is critical to earning and maintaining employee trust. If they can't trust their paycheck, they don't trust the company."

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