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Colorvision International Radically Streamlines HR Data with UKG Ready

  • Reduced time spent sorting, filing, and managing paperwork by 95% since automating HR processes

  • Increases number of applications, qualified job candidates, and interviews via streamlined recruiting and onboarding processes

  • Increases employee satisfaction with ability to view W-2s and schedules and submit time-off requests via the UKG Ready mobile app


Colorvision International is a digital imaging organization providing souvenir photography for attractions worldwide. Through partnerships with hospitality groups and theme parks, the company creates photo souvenirs for guests at more than 100 locations globally, including SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort, and Walt Disney World Resort.

reduction in time spent sorting, filing, and managing paperwork

For years, Colorvision struggled with manual, paper-based processes and lacked a centralized solution for critical HR- and employee-related data. Managers spent significant time sorting through paperwork to locate information and approve employee time-off requests. Additionally, the lack of an automated system made it difficult to recruit, hire, and onboard job candidates in a timely manner. Colorvision sought a solution that could simplify the hiring process and make it easier to find qualified job candidates, while also giving managers access to critical employee data from anywhere in real time.


Colorvision selected the comprehensive HCM and workforce management UKG Ready® solution to deliver a modern, personalized experience and increase efficiencies.

“We have saved a tremendous amount of time by digitizing and automating our HR processes with UKG Ready,” said John Racine, Director of HR at Colorvision. “Before UKG, we had to sift through mountains of paperwork to locate employee information, review and approve time-off requests, and process benefits enrollment information. Now, we can go into Ready and everything is right there.”

Since going live on Ready, Colorvision has created an empowering, personalized, and mobile-first experience for employees, who can complete nearly any HR-related task from a mobile device. Employees can view and complete onboarding requirements, access W-2s, submit time-off requests, and view their schedules from wherever they are — at home, working remotely from a theme park, or shipping supplies from one of Colorvision’s warehouses. Managers who were previously dependent on paper-based HR processes can also complete important documents such as I-9 employment verification from their mobile devices, which helps to expedite hiring.

“The ability to update or upload information directly to UKG Ready in real time from anywhere has been critical for us, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Ready has made our lives easier in so many ways, and we have yet to explore all the possibilities.”

John Racine

Director of HR


With Ready, the organization has reduced the time it spends sorting, filing, and managing paperwork by 95%, allowing the organization to focus more time on cultivating an exceptional guest experience by attracting and retaining top talent.

Additionally, the company has streamlined recruiting and onboarding with Ready’s “quick apply” functionality, which leverages shorter application forms and has reduced the time it takes the organization to find qualified candidates. The tool has also led to an increased number of applications and interviews, and mobile capabilities allow job seekers to quickly and easily apply via a smartphone and receive text and email notifications throughout the recruiting and hiring process.

The Ready mobile app also has led to a more empowering experience for all, especially field managers who no longer have to physically return to the office or mail important employee documents to corporate headquarters.

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