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A place to share experiences and ideas on how to help customers work smarter through a refreshing blend of customer success stories and workforce management and human capital management insights.

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Pro Webinar April
Working Smarter Café

UKG Pro April Webinar Roundup: Register to Become the Pro in UKG Pro

No April Fools’ Day trickery here. Just informative, easy-to-access learning opportunities. Secure your spot today!
WFD Mobile
Working Smarter Café

Keeping Your Workforce Connected with the UKG Dimensions Mobile App

With the fight for talent at an all-time high, offering your employees the autonomy that a mobile app gives is a key advantage for any organization. Whether it’s offering the opportunity to check upcoming schedules from home, pick up extra shifts, or simply check their latest paystub, a mobile app is critical for modern employees.
Guy Working
Working Smarter Café

And the Award for Best Feature in the New Dashboard Experience Goes to …

Dive into the latest features of the new dashboard experience and the benefits of new functionality. Which one of the 10 nominated features will win the award for best feature? Read on to find out!
Gilr WOrking
Working Smarter Café

Inside Innovation to Inspire You — Check Out the Webinar Replay Now

Dive into six new features in the UKG Ready™ solution that can help transform your organization. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about all the features. The Inside Innovation webinar replay is available now.
Ready Employee Engagement
Working Smarter Café

Luck Has Nothing To Do with Your Employee Engagement

Don’t leave your employee engagement strategy up to luck. Employee surveys can be used in various ways to increase employee engagement. Discover the importance of using surveys to gather employee feedback on and thoughts about your organization.
Documentation 101
Working Smarter Café

UKG Dimensions Documentation 101

This blog will walk you through the different types of documentation you will need to navigate your UKG Dimensions™ workforce management (WFM) product. After diving into this blog, you’ll be able to find your way around release documentation and understand which areas to focus on.
Nurse with Tablet
Working Smarter Café

Are You up to Date With Clinical Scheduling Extensions?

It is not too late to plan out the rest of your 2022 roadmap! Learn how your healthcare organization can take advantage of performance improvements and new features for your nursing team by updating your Clinical Scheduling Extension's service packs.
Ready Checklist Experience
Working Smarter Café

The New Checklist Experience — UKG Ready’s Latest Feature to Put at The Top of Your Spring-Cleaning List

UKG Ready Product Manager Connor McDonough takes customers through the different functionality in the new checklist experience, the benefits it has, and so much more in this latest UKG Ready blog post.
Pro Webinar
Working Smarter Café

UKG Pro March Webinar Roundup: Register to Become the Pro in UKG Pro

Put some spring in your step. Register for a March webinar today!
Working Smarter Café

PODCAST: How to Access Your Earnings Before Pay Day with UKG Wallet

Tune in to learn about the new UKG earned wage access solution! Access what you’ve earned when you need it.