You’ll Want to Add This New UKG Ready Mini-Series to Your Watchlist

Ready Mini-Series

It’s 2022, and everyone’s favorite hobby is streaming content. While you might have other hobbies, we all can agree that taking a break to enjoy the latest hit show or movie on our favorite streaming services has helped pass the time. Knowing the love of streaming content, we thought we’d add another hit series for you to enjoy. That’s why we’re launching the UKG Ready mini-series on dashboards and hubs. We promise you won’t want to hit pause on these. Each episode breaks down tools and insight on the dashboard experience in a consumable way so you can start taking advantage of these great set features to support you and your people. 

Check out the latest episode to get a sneak peek of what’s to come. 

Episode 1 — Get to Know the Dashboard Experience

Whether you are just getting started with dashboards or want to learn about the different options available and how to utilize them, episode 1 of the mini-series will be the perfect place to start or refresh yourself on all things dashboard.

Miniseries 1

The episode dives into the different dashboard types available, including the home, domain, Company Hub, and Onboarding/Preboarding dashboards. Then it looks at what type of content can be added to the dashboards from the charts and graphs, report views, and the two types of widgets — UKG-defined widgets and content widgets. And not only that, but you’ll also see some examples of what those different dashboard tabs can look like! Episode 1 is a great place to start if you want an overall review to help you hit the ground running!

Episode 2 — Dive into Company Hub

Looking to learn more about the Company Hub and how you can utilize it? Look no further than episode 2. The Company Hub connects your employees with a one-stop shop for communication and culture. It can be a great resource center for your organization, but maybe you’re struggling with where to start.

This episode will dive into the Company Hub and help you through your brainstorming, building, and executing processes. We’ll give some tips on how to get started and even think about planning for the future, as we live in an ever-changing world. Episode 2 is your perfect guide to the Company Hub.

Miniseries 2

Episode 3 – The Building Blocks to Dashboard Success

Episode 3 will bring your experience together with a deeper dive into the components of the dashboard experience. This episode explores the building blocks of the dashboards — the content widget library, dashboard tab library, and dashboard layout profile. You’ll discover how all the pieces fit together to create an engaging dashboard experience for you and your employees.

Additionally, you will learn about a feature that allows for a simplified navigation experience for your employees while they access the mobile app. 

Now it’s time to prepare yourself for your new favorite workday pastime. So, grab your workday beverage, settle into your comfy desk chair, and discover the possibilities of using the dashboard experience with the Dashboards and Hubs Mini-series! We’d love to hear if there are any other dashboard topics you want us to explore! Check out the most recent post in the UKG Ready (Announcements) group on the UKG Kronos Community to leave your suggestions or examples of the dashboards you’ve built.