Year One of the New UKG Community: Celebrating Connection, Collaboration, and Our Most Valuable Neighbors

UKG community 1st birthday

We recently celebrated a significant milestone—the first birthday of our UKG Community™ —and rang in the festivities with a (virtual) neighborhood block party! From a birthday edition of Thursday Thanks to Partner Day and Birthday Chitchat posts, we loved celebrating this achievement and interacting with all of you! 

This past year was an exciting one. We saw our platform evolve from a simple communication tool to a vibrant hub where ideas flourish, knowledge is shared, and collaboration is the norm. We added personalization and customization, improved search functionality, refined our resources, and more – all to make it easier for you to connect with your peers, get the answers you need, and find what’s most important for your role, company, and solution. We also launched an exciting new program—the Most Valuable Neighbor (MVN) program—to recognize our most positive and productive Community members who go above and beyond daily. 

A Look Back at Our Journey  

Reflecting on the past year, we achieved so much together: 

  • Over 242,000 members registered for the UKG Community, bringing their diverse perspectives and industry expertise. 
  • Thousands of discussions in over 100 organized groups were facilitated, sparking innovation and solving complex challenges. 
  • Our resource library grew to include documents, videos, and tutorials, becoming a go-to source for knowledge and best practices. 
  • More than 211,000 learning and training courses were completed, helping you build your skills and confidence.  
  • New tools, like the Product Badging Program and Training Pathfinder were introduced, designed to help you find the solution training you need, and to acknowledge your achievements upon completion.  
Most Valuable Neighbors (MVN) 

We couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without some of our members leading the charge. A special shoutout to our 2024 MVN customer and partner winners who made our neighborhood an extra special place to be through their dedication, efforts, attitude, and leadership over the past year (May 2023 – April 2024): 

- Rey Aguilar 

- Karine Bido 

- Charles Chang 

- Lee Gerber 

- Britta Hahn 

- Sharon Hower 

- Melissa Hostetter 

- Prudence Kruchten 

- Lisa Leslie 

- Shannon Meadows 

- Jo Mehling 

- Kaitlyn McInnis 

- Kathryn Martin 

- Natalie Nieman 

- Matt Sorrell 

- Richard Seiferd 

- Rob Stevenson 

- Amber Soto 

- William Yiu   

Looking Ahead  

As we step into our second year, we’re excited to continue growing and improving. The possibilities for this neighborhood are boundless, and we can’t wait to work together to make the UKG Community even better. And we’ve already got some plans in place. We’re committed to: 

  • Hosting peer calls where you can gain insight from real-world customer case studies. 
  • Listening to your feedback and incorporating enhancements into our Community, our products, and our services.  
  • Broadening the scope of our MVN program to include additional ways to help you network, grow, and learn.  
A Heartfelt Thank You  

This celebration is as much about our platform as it is about each one of you. Your participation, enthusiasm, and support have been the lifeblood of the UKG Community. We’re grateful for the knowledge you’ve shared, the questions you’ve asked, and the connections you’ve made.

As the block party ends and we blow out the candles on our first year, we’re reminded that our community’s strength lies in our collective efforts. Here’s to many more years of innovation, support, and camaraderie! 

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Can’t wait to see you around the neighborhood! 


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