World Creativity and Innovation Day with UKG Ready

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On behalf of all of us at UKG, Happy World Creativity and Innovation Day! Now, I know what you may be thinking. What is that and what does it have to do with UKG Ready®? Well, since today is dedicated to stepping back and thinking outside the box, what better way to do that than with the UKG Ready new dashboard experience? 

As you know, the classic UKG Ready dashboard experience will retire in June 2023. While many of you have moved over to the new experience, you might not have had time to discover all it has to offer. While the new experience has feature parity with the classic version, there are several functionality updates and new features for you to take advantage of. 

Completely customizable, as an admin, you can create innovative dashboards that include charts, widgets, and graphs to best meet your organization’s needs. Within the new experience, you can place up to 9 tiles on most dashboards and up to 20 tiles on a Company Hub.

There are several different types of dashboards you can create in the new experience. Here’s a closer look:

  • A Company Hub – A dashboard dedicated to your organization’s brand and communication to employees.
  • Domain Dashboards – Dashboards that is focused on data and visuals pulled from charts and graphs that tie back to a specific area such as Recruitment, Benefits, or Time.
  • Custom Dashboards – Tailored landing pages featuring various widgets and data views from across the product. 

If creating these dashboards seems daunting, fear not. We have four pre-configured template options to help you get started. From these templates, you can create Employee, Manager, Administrator, and Generic dashboards for users. We also have a pre-configured Company Hub template that gives you a starting point in promoting company culture.

Not sure where to get begin? Don’t worry—we’ve got you! In honor of World Creativity and Innovation Day, we’re sharing five examples of dashboards you can build in the new experience. Our examples include: 

  • Company Hub 
  • Executive Dashboards 
  • Onboarding Dashboard
  • Open Enrollment Dashboard
  • Employee Home Dashboard

Check them out here! 

So, whether you've fully adopted the new experience or still have some migrating to do, remember to think outside of the box for innovative ways you can use the new dashboard experience to highlight your organization's data and culture.

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