Welcome to the UKG Ready Report Rundown

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Data drives so many factors in our world, and sometimes, we don’t even know how much data we absorb on a daily basis. We know how much your employee data impacts your day-to-day decisions. As a UKG Ready® administrator, you’re probably aware that many of the screens you access daily are in the form of reports. With nearly 500 standard reports available, it may seem daunting to understand each and every one and how they can provide you with key insights. That’s why we created the UKG Ready Report Rundown! 

Each Rundown will provide a few key reports that will help you to review and analyze employee data to ensure you’re efficiently managing your workforce and processes. To kick it off, let’s take a look at a few reports that will help you stay on top of your employee data as you prepare to dive into your payroll year-end processes.

Payroll Comparison Report

First up, we have the Payroll Comparison report that allows payroll practitioners to easily determine if totals for the current payroll are in line with previously finalized payrolls. The report provides visibility into variances across the different payroll components within categories and subcategories. Categories include the number of paid employees, number of pay statements, deductions, earnings, net pay, reimbursements, and taxes. Payroll admins can then view and edit the pay statements that are causing the variance. The Payroll Comparison report can also be used to compare finalized payrolls to a specific payroll or across different periods or dates.

Employees With Invalid Social Security Number (SSN) Report

The Employees With Invalid SSN report helps to stay on top of Social Security numbers that will not process accurately in your year-end processes, including W-2s. This report can be used in year-round activities to validate that your employees have the correct Social Security numbers, but becomes a critical task to get you through year end. The report will provide you with employees who have invalid SSN formats, including the following scenarios:

  • Starts with 666
  • Starts with 000
  • Starts with a 9
  • Entered as 123-456-7890
  • Entered as 111-111-1111
  • Entered with double zeros in the 4th and 5th sequence (XXX-00-XXXX)
  • Entered with four zeros in the last four digits (XXX-XX-0000)

Admins will also receive a warning message when an invalid Social Security number is entered and can then use the Employees With Invalid SSN report to ensure everyone is updated before year-end processing.

W-2 Audit Reports

As a payroll practitioner, you understand the importance of ensuring your year-end process is accurate. Your employees expect to get their W-2s by the end of January each year, and when something is off, you are often their first point of contact. It is crucial to verify your employees’ accounts and pay data are reflected correctly in your solution. As a payroll customer using UKG Ready, several data validation reports can be found under My Saved Reports and by searching for “W2” under the Report Name column. These six saved views are available to all customers who own the UKG Ready Payroll module and are created annually. These reports include:

  • Federal Wages on W2 are zero or negative
  • OASDI Wages are over wage base
  • W2 Address Audit
  • W2 Audit Box 1 vs Box 16
  • W2 Audit Box 6 & Additional Medicare Report
  • W2 Audit Box 4

Now is the time to get ahead of those year-end processes and dive further into the data that these reports provide to help stay on track throughout the year. Find more information on each of these reports in the UKG ReadyUser Guides in your UKG Ready solution (under My Info > Help > Online Documentation). Explore the Payroll User Guide for more details on the Payroll Comparison report and W2 reports. To learn more about the Employees With Invalid SSN Report, check out the HR User Guide. 

While you’re perusing the user guides, take a look at the Report, Charts, and Dashboards User Guides to discover different reporting capabilities, including the Report Hub and Custom Report Builder. Also, don’t forget to lean on your fellow admins and experts using the Ready discussion groups in the UKG Community™. 

These three reports are just the start! We’ll be providing you with more reports focusing on areas such as workforce management, HR, talent, and payroll in our upcoming renditions of the UKG Ready Report Rundown series, so be on the lookout for those coming to the Working Smarter Café blog.