Welcome to UKG!


The day is here! What day, you ask? Well, Oct. 1, that is. The day when Kronos and Ultimate Software officially become one under our new name, UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group). This day has been on the horizon for the past six months. And I’m sure you have many questions about what this means for you. I’m here to provide a few tips to get you started and provide a glimpse into what’s to come.  


Welcome to UKG


Email seems to be a good place to start, as it plays such a huge role in our everyday lives and will be a change that we don’t want you to overlook! From this point forward, all communications from us will be coming from UKG.com addresses. That means you will see emails not from Kronos Incorporated, but rather from UKG! The emails will also slowly start to look different — for instance, that familiar Kronos orange will transition to our new UKG teal! Teal is a favorite color of mine, so this is especially exciting for me. 

How can you make sure not to miss out on our new emails? For one, being aware of our name change will keep it top of mind when you’re scrolling through your inbox. But more important, let your IT department know it should add UKG.com to its trusted sender list. This will ensure you’re getting all our emails filled with important product information, helpful tips and tricks, inspiring virtual events, and more. 

We’ll also be connecting with you via Community. We’ve created a UKG Brand Announcements group, which I highly recommend you join so you can stay up to date on important information regarding your evolving partnership with us. Don’t forget to turn on your notifications for this group so you get alerted when something new is being discussed!  

What else should you know right now? This FAQ answers some of the most asked questions. Here are the highlights: 

  • There is nothing that needs to happen with existing contracts, W-9s, or invoices 
  • Our lead offerings will be getting refreshing makeovers and name changes (Workforce Dimensions > UKG Dimensions, Workforce Ready > UKG Ready, Workforce Central > UKG Workforce Central) 
  • How you receive support and training is not changing right now  
  • You will continue seeing Kronos-branded items for the next 12 – 18 months as we fully transition to UKG 
  • Our new website is UKG.com, but you can still access all the great resources on Kronos.com 

UKG is new for all of us, and change inevitably takes time. There are a lot of moving parts, and we’re all committed to making this as smooth a transition as possible. Our purpose is people. And you, my friend, are a person (unless you’re a bot — in which case, stop clicking my links). We are committed to you, to your employees, to your organization, and to the overall goal of providing the best people solutions to meet your needs. 

We at UKG are so excited for this next chapter, and we are here to partner with you to accomplish bigger and better things than we could have imagined before.