We blinked, and the next Dimensions WFM release is already here: Check out this Q&A to help you prepare for R9

Dimensions Release

August? Really? While it’s unclear how we’re already this far down the calendar, summer is quickly fading into memories and beach bags are transitioning to book bags. What else is approaching as we barrel through 2022 at record speed? Your next UKG Dimensions® WFM release: R9. We’re here to help you and your teams along the way and are committed to making sure you’re prepared to welcome this next release into your workforce management solution. To start, here are some answers to some questions you might (likely) have. 

When will we get R9?

R9 runs from July – September, and the release will be delivered to your non-production environment (NPR) first. Once it’s in your NPR, you’ll be able to test the new features and get comfortable using them. That way, once the release deploys to your production environment (PRD) at a later date, you’ll be ready to enable the features and bring instant value to your organization. For your organization’s unique NPR and PRD release dates, visit the Trust Site.

What noteworthy features are being delivered?

From rounded punch times and accessibility improvements to a team absence heat map and employee self-service partial shifts request to cover capabilities, this upcoming release is jampacked with features to enhance and improve the way you manage your workforce. For comprehensive information on these new features — including the interactive Release Highlights, the Feature Value by Industry, Job Aids, Release Notes, and webinar recordings — head to the UKG Dimensions Release Readiness WFM page in Community and click to expand the R9 Release Essentials tab.

How can I prepare myself and my teams?

Because the R9 release will be in your NPR environment prior to your PRD environment, we encourage you to use this time to familiarize yourself with the new features, test them out, take screenshots, and communicate the upcoming release details to your teams so they know what’s coming. All the resources you’ll need to prepare everyone in your organization are on the UKG Dimensions Release Readiness WFM page in Community.

Where can I go to connect with fellow UKG Dimensions users and UKG product experts?

Connecting with fellow Dimensions users and UKG® experts is as easy as G-R-O-U-P. We urge you to join the UKG Dimensions WFM Product Group in Community, where you can interact with other users and UKG product experts, ask questions, provide answers, learn best practices, and get insight from those who know and use the solution firsthand.

Is this when the New Home Experience becomes permanent?

Yes! When R9 gets deployed to your PRD environment, the New Home Experience will be automatically and permanently applied to your solution. If you haven’t already adopted it for your organization, we’ve got you covered: We created a whole page in Community dedicated to all things New Home Experience. Make your way to the Dimensions New Home Experience page today to see before/after screenshots of the changes and what you’ll see in the new release, read about the benefits that these enhancements will bring, review the New Home checklist, download a PDF to share with your workforce, listen to on-demand webinars, explore the New Home blog, and check out the Online Help. 

You’ve got this. Exciting things are on the way!