Want to Keep Up With Your Fast-Paced Workforce? We've Got an App For That

UKG Dimensions

As part of the UKG family, we hope you’ve come to realize that above anything else, we’re all about people. We know your workforce, and we know they’re on the move. They’re running through hospital hallways, serving in restaurants, teaching in classrooms, flying 30,000 feet in the air, and everywhere in between. So, every aspect of your UKG Dimensions™ solution is built with them in mind. Their lives move fast, and we have just the thing to keep up: The Dimensions mobile app.

Specifically designed for your frontline managers and their teams, the Dimensions app gives your people instant access to important work-related tools and information no matter where they are, empowering them to manage their time and tasks from the palms of their hands.

Dimensions Mobile

Right from the start, the Dimensions mobile app — included with your solution and ready to use once downloaded — makes life easier for everyone. The app offers:

  • Simple and seamless integration with your web solution SSO 
  • Mirrored web permissions and access rights
  • Total control for the end-user: the app will always ask the employee for permission to use location information, camera, etc.
  • Data security, integrity, and encryption
  • Limited stored data

Once the app is downloaded, managers and teams can:

  • Manage timecards on the go so no one misses a beat 
  • Submit and view time-off requests from anywhere so your people can make plans
  • Swap shifts quickly so your organization runs smoothly 
  • Punch in and out fast so you can get right to work 
  • Send and receive push notifications so you can communicate what matters most 

Ready to get started? Check out the UKG Dimensions Mobile Checklist and Job Aids, Getting Started with the UKG Dimensions Mobile App Training Course, and FAQs, all located in the UKG Kronos Community. And head to the Mobile App page in Online Help for additional information on app and data security, installing and accessing the app, and so much more.