Vaccine Management and Compliance Webinar: Prepare for Whatever Road Lies Ahead

Vaccine Webinar

Vaccine mandates — federal, state, and corporate-level — are bringing more to your already full plate. They’re a lot to understand and even more to manage — especially when it comes to maintaining compliance. While much is still unknown, now is the time to prepare. And having the right tools and processes in place early on will help you and your people navigate whatever lies ahead.


Vaccine Webinar

Learn how the latest UKG technologies can help you get you prepared now, providing you with the capability to:

  • Efficiently track who’s vaccinated and who isn’t, as well as who tests positive, who tests negative, who’s eligible for a booster shot, and more
  • Easily update policies and track acknowledgements 
  • Ensure employees have met vaccination requirements before clocking in 
  • View customized reports and dashboards related to vaccine status and testing 

Join us for the How to Simplify Vaccine Management & Compliance webinar on Tuesday, October 26, at 2:00 p.m. ET. Nanne Finis, chief nurse executive, UKG, and Paige Tompkins, solutions consultant, UKG, will explore the challenges of the federal vaccine mandate and how you can use UKG technologies to start getting your organization, your employees, and yourself prepared today.