User Spotlight: Shannon Zvonarev

Shannon Zvonarev

The User Spotlight program recognizes people who use UKG solutions regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Not only do the articles introduce you to actual UKG end-users, but they also help you learn about features, resources, and solution strategies you might not have known about before. 

Please meet Shannon Zvonarev! Shannon has 10 years of experience working with the UKG Workforce Central solution — she’s certainly earned her expert status! Read on to learn about Shannon’s favorite resources and tips and tricks she’s learned throughout her many years as a superuser. 

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Meet Shannon

Shannon Zvonarev

Name:  Shannon Zvonarev
Company: Rogers Communications
Role:  Manager, Workforce Solutions
Product: UKG Workforce Central
Experience with Kronos (now UKG): 10 years
Community Name: shannon.svonarev22095

Product Features and Functionality: What Shannon is most excited about

Building block model — The awesome part about UKG Workforce Central is that we can customize it to meet our specific requirements. For example, we have employees with various needs. We have retail stores with employees who need to punch in and punch out. We have employees out in the field who rely on mobile access. We have 24/7 operation employees who need accessibility outside of a traditional 9-5 workday. And we have unionized employees with specific premiums. With the building block model, we can create an infinite number of customizations to meet our organization’s different goals and meet employee needs.

I also must applaud the mobile access. On-the-go accessibility is becoming more and more important, and the user interface for the mobile application is well thought out. The feedback I have received from employees is that the mobile application is very user-friendly.

Resources: What Shannon can’t live without

UKG Kronos Community — My absolute favorite resource is the UKG Kronos Community discussion board. I love seeing everyone’s questions and helpful answers. It also makes me feel less alone, knowing that other individuals may be experiencing the same issues as our team. Lastly, I think it’s a great resource to meet new people who are in the industry.

Tips and Tricks: Advice from Shannon

Know there’s always more to learn — There is so much to learn in UKG Workforce Central! Even as a superuser, I constantly learn about new functionality and different ways to use the tool. Some of the best ways to find cool new features are attending UKG events, reading the release notes, and simply playing around in nonproduction environments. Don’t shy away from those complex cases! It is through resolving those cases that I have learned the most about our product suite.

Just for Fun: More about Shannon

My first Workforce Central lesson — When I started as a fresh-faced new grad in my first real-world job, I was told that historical edits were very complex. Being thoroughly scared of failing, I made sure I came to that lesson bright-eyed and caffeinated. I made excellent notes. Little did I know that later in my career, I would end up specializing in Kronos, now UKG. I often think back to that day and how far I have come. Those notes paid off!

Chaos is key — Not to sound cliché, but I totally thrive on the chaos. I love it when things are not working as expected because that means I get to solve problems. The aha moment when all the pieces fit together is what I enjoy.

Shoutout to my team — And lastly, how could I write a spotlight without giving a shoutout to my team? Without them, I would not be able to write this. I love that I work with an amazing, smart team that I can bounce ideas off and share stories with about UKG, work, or life in general. They make the day-to-day so much fun. 


Thank you, Shannon! 

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