User Spotlight: Cameron DuBray


The User Spotlight program recognizes people who use UKG solutions regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Not only do the articles introduce you to real UKG end-users, but they also help you learn about features, resources, and solution strategies you might not have known about before. 

Meet Cameron DuBray! Read on to hear about the resources he’s found helpful and the tips and tricks he’s learned along the way. 


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Meet Cameron DuBray  

Name: Cameron DuBray
Company: Yuba County
Product: UKG Ready
Role: HR Systems Administrator
Experience with UKG: One year
Community Name: Cameron DuBray

Cameron completed our User Spotlight interview form. Here’s what he had to share. 

Product features and functionality: What Cameron is most excited about 

Positions and Jobs — As a county, we were very excited about the introduction of Positions and Jobs. Using UKG Ready from an HR perspective, this feature helps our organization a great deal when it comes to: 

  • Tracking our employees 
  • Position allocations
  • Classifications for pay 

It is truly the unifying feature between the different modules in UKG Ready.

Resources: What Cameron can’t live without

The Community and Live Chat — I could not direct the work in a productive manner for my staff if I did not know where to access information or find creative paths forward. These are two resources and features that have proven to be invaluable to our organization. Solutions to barriers exist in UKG Ready, but often, finding them is the hard part.

Tips and tricks: Advice from Cameron

Teamwork — Design a team that can propel you to success as you implement. Follow the documentation provided by UKG staff and you’re on your way.

Just for fun: Cameron’s claims to fame

I have spent the majority of my career working for Fortune 500 companies, so it was quite a shock to begin working for a local government agency. It is truly a different work and thought process. I found myself with a new team to implement the Payroll and HR modules of UKG Ready. We struggled for many months to find unity and paths forward as a team. Often during meetings, our team members sang the mantra “This is the way we have always done it.” In the past, HR data had always been managed in multiple spreadsheets and Access reports. We were working to facilitate a large change management in our organization. 

I distinctly remember the day a deeper understanding struck my team. The team was gathered around a large conference table discussing the architecture for our HR module and what it could mean for our agency. As we discussed new processes and procedures, I knew we were brushing up against the idea that change could be comfortable. One of the employees who had always sung the mantra became pensive and turned to the group and said, “Wait, this change to Jobs means that I don’t have to keep the four spreadsheets, and it will save me hours of work?” That, for me, was a team triumph! 

Recognition of what we were working to accomplish broke through the clouds of past practice. Implementing UKG Ready has been full of tiny triumphs for myself and my staff. UKG Ready has paved the way forward for our HR data. We know it will save us time and energy and create efficiencies. 


Thank you, Cameron, for sharing your wisdom! 

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