User Spotlight: Arieshia Williams


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Meet Arieshia Williams! Arieshia played an important role in EmpRes Healthcare Management’s migration from UKG Workforce Central to UKG Dimensions™ this year. Read on to hear about the resources she’s found helpful and the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way. 

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Meet Arieshia


Name:  Arieshia Williams
Company:  EmpRes Healthcare Management
Role: HRIS administrator
Product:  UKG Dimensions
Experience with Kronos (now UKG): 2 years
Community Name: Arieshia.Williams

Product features and functionality: What Arieshia is most excited about

HCM I live in HCM; my No. 1 priority is to keep the wheels spinning. My favorite feature is the real-time Analytics for HR Action Requests. I've created custom reports and charts with the data, and I use these throughout my day to check progress, see where approvals are being held up, and track how many are pending throughout our company. Most recently, I used this data for a four-week contest across our 75 EINs in nine states. The goal was to encourage managers to engage with the system and build habits around approvals, as this is a new responsibility for them. The charts/reports that I built were used as daily/weekly updates to provide visual reminders and spark competition. I went from averaging 167 outstanding HR actions to 60 during that timeframe.

The most exciting part about our transition into UKG Dimensions from UKG Workforce Central was security accessibility. I have so many options available to truly build custom security profiles, which allow our HR/PR coordinators and managers to have more access to and more power within the platform. Because of this, we can limit the changes they can make, require specific fields, and allow additional HR actions to be available. This has minimized the margin of error tremendously.

Resources: What Arieshia can’t live without

UKG KnowledgeMap Live™ — I frontloaded ALL my UKG KnowledgeMap Live learning. The moment I got access, I scheduled myself for the next three months. This was a powerful move because I was ahead of the migration, I understood everything that was discussed, and I was prepared to build HR functions to fit our business needs and processes. This also allowed me time to expand my learning in preparation for such an extensive reconfiguration all around.

Tips and tricks: Advice from Arieshia

Be hands-on — I learn best by being hands-on. There was never a moment when I wanted my HCM consultant to “do it for me.” I would review notes, videos, get guidance, and try on my own. Then I would ask for my work to be checked. This was important because I needed to understand how the system worked, comprehend the errors, and then know how to fix them. I wanted this to be my method so that I was prepared to support 5,500 users on all levels, from the inside out. If I knew how to adjust the gears from the bottom up, I would know where the problem stood and have a solid foundation for how to resolve it. I maintained this mindset from the beginning, and it’s been extremely beneficial. My advice is to push yourself to learn as much as possible in as many avenues as you can — as quickly as you can. Absorb everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. This will provide you with a wealth of knowledge having trials that work and trials that don’t. We went live on August 1, 2020, and I continue to uphold this mentality by using UKG Kronos Community, taking detailed notes, and leaning on my UKG people resources as needed. Do this … you won’t regret it.

Just for fun: More about Arieshia

I worked in food service and bartending for 10 years, and I have degrees in sociology and criminal justice, but I didn’t know what I really wanted to do. I was hired as an HRIS coordinator in November 2018. In February 2019, I was informed of our upcoming search for a new HCM system. I had never taken on anything close to a migration or implementation in my career. I simply had experience in HR and compliance at the end-user level. Something this massive and meaningful was a first for me. Throughout the last year and a half, by going through this challenging and rewarding roller coaster of a project, I’ve discovered something that I never realized I wanted to do. Frankly, I didn’t even know the depths of HR/PR systems or how they were managed at all. I was given an opportunity that was a game changer for me, and I ran with it. I took a chance on myself and experienced an abundance of professional growth. Now I know all of my hard work has paid off because my users think I hold a magic wand, and some consider me their fairy godmother. 


Thank you, Arieshia!

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