User Spotlight: Agatha Briseno


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Please meet Agatha Briseno! Here’s what she had to share about her experience using Workforce Central®. 

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Name:     Agatha Briseno
Company: UF Health 
Role: ERP Application Analyst/Kronos Guru
Product: Workforce Central
Experience with Kronos (now UKG):    20 years 20 years
Community Name: brisea03698


Product features and functionality: What Agatha is most excited about

We have recently added the Attestation module to our Workforce Central suite. It has helped tremendously in ensuring wage and hour compliance for those employees not clocking for meal breaks.   This module can be used to ask the employee any question and the answer is reportable and actionable.

Resources: What Agatha can’t live without

I have met and worked with so many people throughout the years. The ability to connect with other customers via KronosWorks™ (now UKG Works), Community, and online events has been beneficial in order to learn from others. I have worked with so many wonderful legacy Kronites throughout the years. Those of us involved in the initial implementation of Workforce Central still talk about legacy Kronite Jerry Mast. We have difficult pay rules and he was able to make it happen. I was fortunate enough to run into Jerry recently at a past KronosWorks event. We remembered good times.

Tips and tricks: Advice from Agatha

My advice would be to get involved! Connecting with other customers allows you to hear how others are solving an issue you may be experiencing. Also, share your experiences, as they may help others. I’ve enjoyed virtual opportunities to connect, such as the Huddle. They are great opportunities to learn upcoming functionality and to connect with solution experts and customers.

Just for fun: More about Agatha

I have presented at KronosWorks in the past. I was actually very afraid of presenting, but the legacy Kronites made the experience a good one by having conference rooms where presenters could practice. The feedback was very positive, and I was glad that I overcame that fear and was able to share my experience with others. 

Fun facts: My profile picture was actually taken at KronosWorks 2018, where I also had a picture taken with CEO Aron Ain. The “Kronos Guru” role is unofficial, but I have been referenced to by that many times at work.


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