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Please meet Adrian Zadow! Adrian has four years of experience working with UKG solutions. His experience started with UKG Workforce Central®, but his organization has recently migrated to UKG Dimensions™ — giving him the unique experience of being knowledgeable about both solutions. Read on to learn about Adrian’s favorite resources and tips and tricks that have helped him successfully get by. 


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Name:  Adrian Zadow
Company:  Toll Global Express
Role:  National Systems Administrator
Product:  UKG Workforce Central and UKG Dimensions
Experience with UKG: 4 Years
Community Name: AdrianZ

Product Features and Functionality: What Adrian is most excited about

Day to day, we rely heavily on a range of features provided by our UKG Workforce Central and UKG Dimensions solutions. The top contenders are scheduling and the time interpretation components; these are the bread and butter of the systems.

The most standout feature — I have to say — is the Smart View™ functionality in both UKG Dimensions and UKG Workforce Central, and the ability to create small Smart View “apps” on the timeclocks. Since these Smart Views are not limited to what’s available within the UKG application suites themselves, I’ve been able to leverage this as a tool to capture information from our workforce and to communicate back to the workforce. We have a couple of Smart View apps that we built and use to capture employees’ queries, which have reduced the amount of paperwork within our department. One of my go-to resources would be the Smart View Programmer Guide.

We also frequently introduce video Smart Views onto the timeclocks to communicate with employees on any updates within our business. These are just handy little extensions on the UKG InTouch Timeclock™ that allow us to better utilize our timeclock investment as well as make things more accessible for our workforce! Win-win for all! 

Resources: What Adrian can’t live without

If there were ever a resource I’ve spent more time in than any other, it would have to be the Workforce Timekeeper v8.1 Database Tables Reference Guide. I don’t think I can overstate how helpful the database manual has been for me while learning how UKG Workforce Central works, as well as helping my organization improve on our reporting within the business. Now that we are moving over to UKG Dimensions, the API Reference Guide* is starting to become the replacement. I’m still learning about how the APIs work, but it has certainly proved to be a helpful resource.

 *UKG Dimensions Admins can access the online API Documentation within your UKG Dimensions solution in the Main Menu under Administration > Developer Portal 

As a whole, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention UKG Kronos Community. The customer users as well as the UKG representatives are always helpful and always willing to go the extra mile to help us all out. These days, I probably spend more time in there answering questions than I do asking them, and I probably spend a bit too much time extending the answers that Leo Daley from UKG provides (sorry, Leo!), but Community is a resource I’d say shows the biggest strengths of UKG: its employees and its customers! 

Tips and Tricks: Advice from Adrian

Community is important, and being a good member is key. Community as in the UKG Kronos Community, of course. UKG’s strength is that of the UKG Kronos Community. It showcases the combined knowledge of its employees and representatives, as well as its customers. I encourage anyone using a UKG solution to come into the UKG Kronos Community not only to ask for help but also to share their knowledge and help others, as this is what makes it all work. If you know an answer to a question, don’t be afraid to share it. If you need to ask one, don’t be afraid to ask it either.

While I encourage everyone to be good members of the UKG Kronos Community, I also encourage people who are having issues with their UKG solutions to speak up and let UKG know. The UKG team can’t change things when nobody says anything. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I also love that UKG doesn’t hide things and is actively working to improve the experience for all users. It is one thing for a company to make great software, but giving users a platform to help others and to help guide products is what sets UKG apart. My advice is to participate, help others, and join in on the discussions.

Just for Fun: More about Adrian

My fun fact ... well, I developed the most useless Smart View app for a UKG timeclock you can imagine! That app? Cat Facts! It was the first Smart View I ever developed for the InTouch Timeclock. It was a small test to see what capabilities were there, as well as working out how to retrieve random data from a database and present it on the screen of the timeclock.

It works well. You tap a button on the timeclock, which calls a PHP script to retrieve a random fact from an SQL database and show that fact on the screen of the timeclock. I even added to the table a field to indicate if the fact was a negative or a positive fact. When the fact presents itself, it uses the confirmation dialogue box (like when a punch is successful or not). If the fact was negative, it uses the red frame, the error sound, and the red light. If the fact is positive, it uses the green frame, the success sound, and a green light. Totally useless but got a few laughs in the office! 

Otherwise, here’s a bit more about me personally: I’m Western Australia born, and my main mode of transport is my Harley-Davidson Softail Slim … vroom, vroom! I’m a blogger and just started my own YouTube channel where I’m doing a mix of tech-related videos, alcoholic beverage reviews, and some almost documentary-style videos.


Thank you, Adrian, for sharing your knowledge! 

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To follow up with Adrian, please feel free to connect with him via private message in UKG Kronos Community. 

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