UKG Pro Workforce Management Report Rundown: Unveiling Insights into Employee Attendance

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Forget the clichéd "It's a bird, it's a plane" routine, because what's soaring into focus right now is the next installment of the UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) Report Rundown. In this edition, we're diving into three helpful attendance reports that will equip managers with valuable insights into their employee’s attendance patterns. Read on for comprehensive report descriptions, helpful resources, and best-practice tips to help you grow your workforce management solution expertise.

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Whether your workforce spans multiple locations, or your managers supervise a multitude of direct reports, monitoring employee attendance is an essential facet of business operations. Amidst the array of daily tasks, these three attendance reports offer managers a valuable window into their employees' attendance records:

  • Attendance Action Detail 
  • Attendance Incident Detail 
  • Attendance Analysis 

Now, let’s dig in!

Attendance Action Detail Report

The Attendance Action Detail report empowers managers to stay on top of attendance-related issues within their teams. This report provides insights into which employees have reached a threshold balance that triggers system-generated actions such as verbal or written warnings. While this information is available on the home screen tile, having the option to run this report daily, or even weekly, and send it to managers ensures that they are proactively addressing attendance actions. Learn how to execute this report on our online help site.

Important tip: The description found on the online help page states that the Attendance Action Detail report lists details about actions for employees in a specified time. The actions listed are to be carried out by managers as a result of incidents triggered by an employee’s attendance record. This means that the report will give the manager the status and dates of all actions they need to take with the employee. It's essential for managers to take the lead in these situations, as the system cannot have these conversations on their behalf. Here is an example of what the report looks like when executed:

Attendance Action Detail

Attendance Incident Detail Report

Managers who are looking for a snapshot of their employee's attendance events, attendance patterns, perfect attendance, and attendance actions can run the Attendance Incident Detail report, which will produce a list of attendance instances for a specified time period. While this information can be found in the Attendance Details workspace, the report will show where an employee is with their point balance, even if they have not crossed into the threshold for an action to be taken by the manager. By running this report, managers can remain organized when tracking their employee’s attendance habits. Visit our online help site for steps on how to run this report. Below, you will see an example of the report output:

Attendance Incident Detail

Attendance Analysis Report

Managers, or attendance administrators, who oversee multiple departments, will find the Attendance Analysis report helpful if they’re looking for attendance trends across their whole department. By executing this report, they can compare and analyze any attendance-related trends amongst their employees. Since this report displays a summary of the various attendance events for the desired departments, including number of occurrences, total hours, and wage liability, managers and attendance administrators can identify employee attendance patterns and make informed decisions to improve attendance management and overall workforce efficiency. Read more about the Attendance Analysis report on the online help resource. Here is an example of the Attendance Analysis report:

Attendance Analysis Report

And with that, we bring the curtain down on the third installment of our UKG Pro WFM Report Rundown! If you've got any queries or innovative reporting strategies up your sleeve, don't hesitate to engage with us in the UKG Community Pro WFM discussion group. We'll catch you in the upcoming Pro WFM Report Rundown.