UKG Pro Talent Roadmap: The Latest Insights from Our Product Experts

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Our product experts returned to share the latest UKG Pro® Talent insights in a roadmap presentation featuring recently released enhancements, a detailed look at what’s in store for the new year, and even a preview of a new product coming in 2024. If you’d like to see the full presentation, you can watch the recording at your convenience, or if you’re short on time, read the highlights below: 

What Makes Us Unique

Our product vision is “To help organizations become a great place to work by building people-centric, HR technology that meets every employee where they are on their journey.” To do that, we design our suite with people at the center by utilizing insights from the most comprehensive people data in the industry. These insights from Great Place to Work® and our own users across the globe guide us and allow us to deliver solutions that help build diverse, impactful cultures and leaders, while helping to make the hard stuff simple.

Strategic Investment Areas

As we enter a new year, we’ll bring our product vision to life by focusing on four strategic investment areas: 

  • Continue on the path to One UKG Suite, putting people first with thoughtfully designed experiences, which will include embedding generative artificial intelligence (AI), known as UKG Bryte™ AI, into the UKG Pro suite to transform the way companies care for their people.
  • Build products that support new ways of working and drive Innovation for Everyone.
  • Create differentiated, Intelligent Experiences for all users.
  • Continue to put our Customers First by drawing on their feedback, putting them at the center of what we’re building.

Each product will address these areas with thoughtfully curated features and enhancements, many of which were ideas from customers like you, all designed to improve your day-to-day talent acquisition and management experience. 

UKG Pro Performance and Coaching Updates

Our UKG Pro Performance and Coaching bundle includes our UKG Pro Coaching and Development and UKG Pro Performance Reviews solutions, and users will notice some recent enhancements that make the review and feedback process more efficient. 

UKG Pro Performance Reviews recently introduced an enhancement to allow administrators to export a list of employees selected for a performance review to quickly verify it before the review is distributed. Administrators and managers can now also select all employees from filtered results when assigning goals. 

UKG Pro Coaching and Development solution users will notice increased feedback flexibility with administrators and requestors gaining the ability to easily cancel feedback requests and add or remove recipients to existing requests.

Coming early next year, the performance review process will become more personalized by allowing users to attach supporting documents to reviews, a top idea from customers. We’ll also introduce UKG Bryte AI in Performance and Coaching that will use generative AI to create guided summaries and content for self-reviews. Additionally, we’re researching the process of generating an automatic year-in-review for employees, which will summarize their activities throughout the year to help you celebrate and will suggest new activities for employees to consider moving forward. 

UKG Pro Learning Updates

If you’re using the UKG Pro Learning solution, we recently launched an integration with content provider Udemy Business. If you have a Udemy Business account, this new partnership allows you to access search and discovery of the Udemy Business catalog, assign courses, view reports, track skill acquisition, and more, all from your Learning solution. Next, we’ll be launching a similar integration with OpenSesame, stay tuned for more.

Coming soon, administrators will gain the ability to customize certificates to comply with regulatory standards. There will be options for custom backgrounds, and dynamic fields will allow standard text to be added as needed, empowering administrators to customize far beyond the current capabilities. We’re also working to deliver a fresh, elevated user experience in the new year with a page redesign, enhanced navigation, and new role-based workspaces. 

UKG Pro Employee Voice Updates

Coming soon to UKG Pro Employee Voice™ will be an integration with the UKG Talk® solution to continue gauging employee engagement by giving all employees a voice, including those that don’t have email. If your organization has the UKG Talk solution, this integration will be available for all by the first half of the new year.

Users will also be able to create recurring pulse surveys to continuously solicit feedback from employees, and we’ll be adding an option that will allow exit surveys to be sent to employees prior to their termination date. Later in the year, we’ll introduce enhanced reports to view trends across recurring pulse surveys.

Introducing: UKG Pro Career Designer

We know defining a fulfilling career path is no small task. This is where UKG Pro Career Designer™ comes in. The solution, which we anticipate will be available in April 2024, will help your organization’s workforce uncover gaps in their skills and aspirations, visualize career possibilities, and illuminate the steps employees can take to achieve their potential. Nurturing employees and helping them grow and develop is crucial to every organization’s success, and UKG Pro Career Designer will help you do that. If you’d like to learn more about Career Designer, the value it will add to your organization, and possibly become a Beta customer, reach out to your Executive Relationship Manager.

UKG Pro Recruiting Updates

Our UKG Pro Recruiting team has been focused on making the hard stuff simple while delivering a human-centered suite. We’ve recently released enhancements to help provide a more flexible recruiting process, including editing offer letters within the solution, merging two duplicate candidate records, and allowing candidates to self-schedule their own interviews.

Up next in early 2024 is an enhancement that will allow recruiters and administrators to edit candidate email addresses -- another top customer idea that we know you’ve been eagerly anticipating! After that, our teams will bring you user experience improvements like AI-assisted job descriptions to help recruiters get a head start on key tasks; custom user-defined fields specific to industry, role, or company; and the ability to create offer letters to candidates in their local currency. Stay tuned for future updates on Position Automation being supported in the Recruiting solution in the new year.

In the first half of the new year, we’re looking forward to delivering the ability for important candidate documents and data to flow to the rest of the UKG Pro suite. In the second half of the year, stay tuned for enhanced global hiring capabilities; new process optimization and configurability tools; additional diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging fields; and much more. 

UKG Pro Onboarding Updates

We recently released the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ revised version of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Coming in December, organizations will be able to designate an employee as an authorized reviewer to validate Form I-9 when an HR representative is not available. 

Early in the new year, we’ll be delivering a modernized dashboard for new hires that will improve user experience, and updating the Edit New Hire feature by allowing the start date to be edited and you to decide if documents need to be resigned by the incoming employee. Later in the year, users will be able to fast track new hires by adding them to UKG Pro People Center to enroll in benefits while completing their UKG Pro Onboarding process. We’ll also bring administrators the ability to manually mark Forms I-9 for employees that did not make it past the E-Verify process as “Completed” if they’re sitting in limbo. Onboarding owners will also be able to reassign new hires to another onboarding owner in bulk. 

Thank you for your interest in our UKG Pro Talent Roadmap! We look forward to continuing to partner with customers like you to build people-centric, HR technology that meets every employee where they are on their journey. We appreciate your feedback along the way and look forward to sharing these exciting enhancements with you.

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