UKG Pro People Center: HR and Compensation – The Latest Roadmap Updates from Our Product Team

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We know how important transparency is to our customers. That’s why our product experts recently hosted a roadmap presentation to share the latest UKG Pro People Center™ and UKG Pro® Compensation insights on enhancements we’ve recently released, and a look ahead at what’s to come for the remainder of the year. If you’d like to hear the full presentation, watch the recording at your convenience or check out the main highlights below:

Key Focus Areas

We continue to embrace our product vision, “To help organizations become a great place to work by building people-centric, HR technology that meets every employee where they are on their journey.” One way we’re doing that is through our commitment to investing in innovation, such as generative artificial intelligence (AI), which we know is crucial to helping your employees succeed. With exciting new functionality on the horizon, like enhancements complimented by UKG Bryte™, our future is brighter than ever. We also continue to utilize insights from Great Place to Work®, and ideas from customers like you to deliver solutions that help build diverse and impactful cultures, while putting people at the center so they feel connected, cared for, and inspired. Last but not least, our goal is to always help make the hard stuff simple, for the world’s smallest and largest companies across all industries. After all, our purpose is people®, and that guides us in every decision we make!

UKG Pro People Center – HR Administration Updates

Our UKG Pro People Center (also known as Pro HR) solution has undergone recent updates in the UKG Pro 2024.R1 timeframe that will enhance the user experience. One that will be coming to you soon will empower employees to access and upload documents on the go from our new UKG Pro mobile app (not the UKG Pro Classic app). We’ve also implemented workflow enhancements because of feedback from our customers. Now, if there are multiple workflow requests for the same employee, only the change values, or the deltas, from the applicable requests will be updated, preventing old data from overriding new data. Our team has also focused on providing the ability to edit a new hire workflow transaction while it’s still in progress, enhancements to the Pro import engine, improvements to the search experience in the job drop-down list field to make it searchable by code or description, adding a hyperlink to the supervisor’s name in the employee record for easier navigation, and much more.

Still to come this year, we’ll be making Adaptive HCM Experiences available to simplify complex processes by reducing manual work and providing a modernized and configurable new hire experience for all types of new hires, including contract workers, by introducing the ability to include and delegate additional processes from a centralized task list. In the UKG Pro 2024.R2 timeframe, we’ll be enhancing the Manager Hub to provide managers with real-time insights on their employees to help them manage their teams more effectively. Smart Skills and Suggestions will be updated to provide new skills suggestions for employees, optimizing the experience on the Employee Profile for both the web and mobile. Additionally, the transfer employee functionality will undergo an update to help reduce the steps and time it takes to transfer an employee back to a company they previously worked in, cutting the time down to less than 5 minutes while also improving data accuracy. 

If you’re using our UKG Pro Recruiting solution, employee documents uploaded to the Recruiting solution will soon flow to the Employee Documents section in the Pro People Center solution, making them available alongside HR documents from both the web and mobile. Finally, the process of onboarding new employees will be accelerated thanks to an enhancement that will create a pre hire status, providing earlier access for new hires to complete their onboarding tasks. New hires will also gain earlier access to the UKG Pro Workforce Management™ solution, allowing them to clock in while completing their onboarding tasks. All of these exciting updates and more will be coming to you before the end of the year.

UKG Pro Suite Updates

Across our UKG Pro suite, we know many of you are utilizing the Pro Import Tool, which provides data integration capabilities between UKG Pro and third-party systems for employee data. We’ve heard you loud and clear, you want more import templates and we’ll be delivering them during the UKG Pro 2024.R2 timeframe. New templates will include child support, bankruptcy, student loans, tax levy, and creditor garnishments. We’ll also be adding the ability for administrators to cancel imports, and our team is working to optimize system performance as well.

We know the login experience has been a hot topic, and we’re committed to investing in this to improve the experience for our customers. Beginning with the UKG Pro 2024.R2 release, we’ll be optimizing the login page to remove password security questions, adding a new option for forgot username, and we’ll also support additional ways of logging in such as with a username, email address, or phone number. 

UKG Pro Position Automation Updates

As you may have heard, the UKG Pro Position Automation functionality is now available for activation in your UKG Pro solution. It allows your organization to simplify and automate your workforce management needs by giving leaders the ability to manage headcounts and open positions in real time, helping to ensure the right people are in the right positions. Coming this summer, it will also integrate with our UKG Pro Recruiting and UKG Pro Onboarding solutions, allowing an opportunity to be created within the UKG Pro Recruiting solution which can then flow to the UKG Pro Onboarding and UKG Pro People Center (HR) solutions. Another enhancement we’ll be adding will allow you to effectively date your positions so you can plan positions and changes ahead of time. In the UKG Pro 2024.R2 timeframe, we’ll be introducing the ability to track budget impacts and align workforce decisions with financial outcomes. Lastly, we’ll be adding the ability to request a new position and have it go through a workflow approval process, allowing you to manage position changes with confidence while saving time.

UKG Pro Compensation Updates

Our UKG Pro Compensation team has recently made improvements to basic functionality with the UKG Pro 2024.R1 release by introducing consistent rounding for salary planning worksheets. Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to be delivering some top customer ideas in the June timeframe that will elevate the administration experience, including the ability to archive compensation plans, an option to pro-rate salary planning budgets so they’re pro-rated based on an employee’s time within the position, and functionality that will allow you to export worksheets to Excel, providing more flexibility when reviewing data. Later this year, we’ll be working to modernize the product by empowering employees with compensation statements, giving them a full picture of the rewards they’ll be receiving. These statements can be tailored to include salary increases, bonuses, stock awards, and company paid benefits. 

We’re grateful for your interest in our latest roadmap and your feedback, which guides our way as we work to deliver HR technology that puts people at the center and helps to create great places to work. Your partnership is invaluable to us, and we look forward to continuing to provide innovative enhancements that meet every employee where they are, allowing your workplace to thrive.

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Please note that timelines mentioned above are tentative and subject to change to ensure quality releases.