UKG Kronos Community’s Worst-Kept Secret for HR and Payroll Professionals

HR- Payroll Resource Library

We all know UKG Kronos Community has some amazing resources regardless of what role you hold at your organization. But don’t worry; I won’t harp on all the great things you can find there. Today we are going to focus on a very specific resource that all our human resources and payroll peeps should be leveraging: the HR and Payroll Resource Library. Have you heard of it? 

The HR and Payroll Resource Library is the research tool for HR- and payroll-related issues. Whether you need help with federal or state laws and regulations, workplace safety, HIPAA or tax calendars, this library has it all! 

Where can you find it, you ask? Right on the UKG Kronos Community homepage. What could be better than that? You will need to log in to the Community to access the HR and Payroll Resource Library. Once you are logged in, you can locate it on the right-hand side, under the “Ask the Community” button. 

How to use it 

There are many ways you can use this tool. Filtering and searching are a breeze. Looking for specific content? Make sure to use the Search Bar. Trying to focus on human resources-related materials? Filter results using the Browse Content section on the left-hand side of the page; this will serve up suggestions specific to your needs. The Quick Links section is a favorite; there you can find relevant and popular resources. 

How does testing out a simple use case sound? In the spirit of the season, let’s focus on holiday policies.

Example: Bonnie was recently hired as the head of HR for a startup company. She has been asked to create and implement the organization’s holiday benefit program. This is something Bonnie has never been tasked with before, as her past organizations always had a holiday benefits policy already established. Wanting to crush her first project, Bonnie is determined to make sure she is covering all her bases. But where should she start? Rather than turning to Google (which may produce an overwhelming list of results), she decides to leverage the HR and Payroll Resource Library for guidance. Follow along below to see the steps Bonnie takes to find the information she needs.

Step 1: Bonnie selects Human Resources in the Browse Content section, since she is an HR professional.

Screenshot 2

Step 2: Next, Bonnie selects HR Compliance Library to locate basic procedures regarding holidays. (We don’t need laws and regulations for this project.)

Screenshot 3

Step 3: Holiday policies fall under benefits, so Bonnie selects Benefits from the resulting list to narrow her search.

Screenshot 4

Step 4: What were we looking for again? Oh, right — holiday-specific content. Bonnie selects Holidays from the list.

Screenshot 5

Step 5: Bonnie is not looking up specific regulations or issues; she is keeping it simple, so she selects Quick Answers.

Screenshot 6

Step 6: Wow! There are a lot of options regarding holidays. This list covers basic questions, including holiday pay, legal holidays, and even exactly what Bonnie has been looking for: advice on implementing a holiday benefits program.

Screenshot 7

Step 7: Bonnie made it! Check out this list of things to consider when implementing a holiday benefits program. Are there any items that may be missing from your organization’s program?

Screenshot 8

See? That wasn’t so hard! And I’m happy to report that Bonnie’s organization has had the same holiday policy for the past three years, thanks to her. I think it might be time to give the HR and Payroll Library a try for yourself! There is so much more content waiting to be explored and discovered by you!


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