UKG Dimensions Training — Your Best Bet for Success


Though many of us have been out of the traditional educational system for some time, we are still required to learn new things professionally each day. This is regardless of age, role, or position. I think we all can agree that getting up to speed on a new solution and everything that comes along with it can be one of the most challenging things for those in an organization, whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie. Fortunately, at UKG, we are here to guide you down the path to success, so we would like to introduce you to your new favorite coworker, UKG KnowledgeMap™.


Starting with your core project team

You want to make sure your core project team learns the full potential of the UKG Dimensions platform so that they can effectively collaborate with our team to deliver the solution you are looking for. Our instructor-led training blended with our self-paced training in KnowledgeMap Live is designed to help your team acquire the skills and knowledge they need throughout your deployment:

  • Learn the fundamentals and concepts to be able to gather your requirements
  • Determine how to make the best solution decisions to be able to collaborate throughout the solution build
  • Acquire the skills and knowledge to test effectively and accurately
  • Feel confident at go-live to support and optimize the solution

Supporting the people side of your solution

The Project Management Institute reports that projects with highly effective change management are roughly twice as likely to meet their goals and to come in on budget and on time. (Source: ENABLING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Through Strategic Initiatives, ©2014 Project Management Institute, Inc. 

A surefire way to help your users adopt your solution is with any of our User Adoption Services:

  • User adoption assessment: Identifies and analyzes groups affected by the change; assesses education and communication plans
  • Change management assistance: Helps you develop an organizational change management strategy, and provides ongoing support
  • Train the Trainer: Gets your training resources up to speed to deliver training and to mentor users
  • Training development and delivery: Tailors training materials to your employee and solution needs and provides practice exercises in a safe environment
  • Performance support: Helps you develop in-the-moment performance support tools, including print and online interactive job aids and task simulations
  • Preparation for user adoption: Helps you get started preparing a change management strategy that increases adoption and captures the people portion of return on investment for your solution 

Continuing to grow and optimize 

We know that learning doesn’t end with go-live. Your key functional and technical teams will be eager to expand and deepen their solution administration skills by going further in KnowledgeMap Live with a combination of self-paced learning and monthly, live webinars such as UDM InTouch DX Configuration, Profiles, and Levels of Access Control; Configuring Employee Groups; Configuring Shift Swap Requests; Rounding Rules; and Defining a Workflow — and these are recorded and added to KnowledgeMap Live in case you miss them!

When new features are released, your team can learn more by going to KnowledgeMap (accessible via UKG Kronos Community) and taking the self-paced training focused on those new features. When you deploy the new features, go to the User Adoption Resource Center in KnowledgeMap Live to grab some great tools to communicate the updates to your end users and some training tools to make sure they know how to use the features correctly.

What do you think? Your organization’s partnering with UKG KnowledgeMap sounds like a recipe for success to us. Take your organization to the next level by providing your employees with the right tools and training to accomplish all things UKG Dimensions. Being prepared has never steered anyone wrong, so get on the right track and leverage the amazing benefits of UKG KnowledgeMap. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the UKG Dimensions learning team. You can find the best contact for your region/needs here

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