UKG Dimensions: The Power of Connecting with Peers

Connecting UKG Dimensions

Search on the topic of peer connection and see just how many articles are returned about its importance. Connecting with peers can have a positive impact on our education, our mental health, and our success in business. This type of interaction can help us feel a part of a community, help us learn best practices, and even offer us a chance to be the expert in certain areas. And let’s admit it — it feels good to be an expert! 

So why are we talking about peer connection? What relevance does it have? Well, let me ask you one more question. Are you a new user of UKG Dimensions™? If so, I hope you’ve heard about the UKG Kronos Community and how it connects you to other people who use the technology and to important information about your solutions. The Community is the perfect place to connect with customers and meet people with similar UKG-related interests. It’s where you’ll learn from your peers and hone your skills so that you can one day become a Dimensions expert yourself.


First things first: Join relevant groups!

There’s so much to take advantage of in UKG Kronos Community, but one of the first things anyone new should do (after registering, of course) is search the list of groups and join relevant forums. There are both public and private groups. Most groups are public, and you can join them by selecting the Join Now option and begin to participate right away. To join a private group, simply select the Ask to Join option to begin the approval process. Once you are part of a group, get started by posting a quick introduction, asking your first question, or sharing a valuable insight. We have over 100 groups available for peers to collaborate on a variety of topics. Groups are categorized by areas such as product or industry, and each is monitored by UKG experts who can offer additional input. 

Industry groups

One of the popular industry-specific groups is called Hospitals and Health Systems. This group is comprised of professionals using or managing UKG products in the healthcare space. Over 600 members share ideas and learn from one another. There are discussions on implementation lessons learned, staffing models, how to track labor costs and productivity for independent contractors, best practices on a wide variety of topics, and so much more. Other industry-specific groups include Manufacturing with over 200 members, K-12 Education with close to 120 members, and Retail & Hospitality with nearly 250 members. Each industry has unique challenges, so connecting with those in like organizations can be extremely beneficial.

Product groups

The product-specific group UKG Dimensions WFM gives members the opportunity to share tips and tricks and gain knowledge on topics including timekeeping, scheduling, and absence management. In this group, you will see discussions on new releases, best practices for running the attendance processor, and how to edit email notifications, to name a few. Other recommended groups for Dimensions customers include:


These are just a few examples of the over 100 active groups in UKG Kronos Community. To see a full list organized by category, select the following link:

We can learn so much from one another within our organizations, but we can learn even more by looking outside the four walls of our own company. Connecting with peers and participating in discussion groups can help increase our productivity by efficiently gathering different perspectives and obtaining answers quickly. Community unites us so we all succeed by learning from one another.