UKG Dimensions — The Data Video Series You Can’t Live Without

Data in Dimensions

UKG Dimensions™ analytics allows you to heavily configure your system to meet your business needs. And now, you can get acquainted with data analytics in Dimensions with informative YouTube content created by the Data Science Practice at UKG.  

The Data in Dimensions tutorial series is designed to showcase the various data handling capabilities of the Dimensions solution. It helps managers and business leaders utilize real-time data collected on the platform every day.  

Data in Dimensions

A few of the videos available in this series include: 

  • Creating Custom Dataviews in UKG Dimensions, which offers an overview of how data can be visualized and saved to the front page. Creating custom dataviews allows your managers to analyze metrics on a day-to-day basis and makes the data that is important to your business easily accessible in interactable tiles.  
  • Visualizing Reports in UKG Dimensions dives further into reporting and the many ways that reports can be configured and other methods for gaining value from the analytical capabilities of the platform. This includes insightful visualizations and custom indicators and calculations within reports.  
  • The newest video, Analyzing Unused Capacity in UKG Dimensions shows you how to use the real-time data available to you to cut down on labor costs. By creating configurable KPIs and targets, you can monitor which employees have available capacity left in the work week to make more strategic scheduling decisions.  

Make sure to check out the playlist and subscribe. More videos will be coming soon!