Two UKG Ready Features Bound to Make the Top of Your Organization’s Wish List

Historical Corrections

The holiday season is in full swing! While many of you are making a list (and even checking it twice), consider giving your employees a workforce management gift or two this year. Trust me, I know during this busy time, workforce management is the last thing on your mind, but UKG Ready® just released two highly requested features that go hand in hand, and your employees are bound to be excited about them. 

Historical Timesheet Corrections 

Several improvements to Historical Timesheet Corrections were made in the December release to help streamline the Time Prep Process as a whole. One of the most highly anticipated improvements is here, and now all Historical Timesheet Corrections will automatically sync with payroll. System administrators will no longer need to export and import a payroll interface file to ensure the necessary corrections are included in your employee’s paycheck. 

Other improvements to the process include the ability to: 

  • Easily identify and process historical corrections 
  • Process historical corrections in the current pay period
  • Configure workflows and notifications 
  • Enable enhanced reporting functionality around historical corrections 

Have a mix of salary and hourly employees? Don’t worry — the changes made apply to both! 

Hourly Retro Pay 

Good news — Retro Pay is now available for hourly workers and can be a part of the Time Prep Process. Before this release, Retro Pay had to be processed through payroll and was only available for salaried employees. Now, any retroactive rate or compensation change automatically pulls your employees into the Hourly Retro Pay step in the Time Prep Process. 

Similar to the Historical Timesheet Corrections, with the new and improved Hourly Retro Pay functionality, system administrators will be able to quickly identify and process any outstanding Retro Pay records in the current pay period. 

The best part? Retro Pay and Historical Corrections can be calculated together or separately! It’s up to you and what works best for your organization. 

Interested in learning more about these two features? You can find more information on Historical Timesheet Corrections and Hourly Retro Pay in:

If you have a question about these features and how to use them, post in our UKG Ready TLM group on the UKG® Kronos Community to gain insight from fellow customers and product experts.