Two Must-See Enhancements to the New Timesheet Experience


Get excited about our upcoming UKG Ready™ release. It’s made up of enhancements that customers like you requested! 

One feature to keep an eye on is the timesheet experience. We rolled out a new experience a while back to achieve full feature parity across all devices (mobile, desktop, and tablet). We received a lot of feedback on those changes from customer interviews and surveys, and in response, we’ve made two key customer-inspired enhancements.  

Timesheet Metrics  

During this release, we are introducing timesheet metrics. A concept new to the timesheet experience, metrics are similar to timesheet totals but have additional functionality. After this release, you’ll have the ability to configure up to four different metrics. They are:  

  • Time (Raw/Calc. + Filter Support)  
  • Counter (All types)  
  • Accrual Balances  
  • Exceptions (Count) 

These metrics will be displayed at the top of the timesheet and can be configured for various time periods based on personal preference. You can view the time totals for the current week, the current timesheet, or the current day. In the future we plan to release other metrics such as scheduled hours, scheduled vs. actual hours, and lunch/break time. So make sure to be on the lookout for those enhancements.  

Timesheet 1

Timesheet 2

Customized Columns 

After this release, you’ll also be able to customize the columns on the timesheet. This is a highly anticipated enhancement. Rearranging the column order on the timesheet gives you the ability to customize the overall look and feel of the new view and to align it with your personal preference. This enhancement applies to both desktop and mobile versions. Not only can you customize the order of the columns, but you can choose to expand or collapse the columns as well. You now can configure and define the behavior you prefer when it comes to the columns: 

  • Always expand all days  
  • Only expand days with data; days with no data are collapsed  
  • Only expand current day; all other days are collapsed  

Timesheet 3

Both timesheet metrics and customized columns are officially being introduced during R73, happening later this month. There will be a New Look Toggle available for users to move between the new and classic experience. As a reminder, the toggle is to help you become acquainted with the new look and ease your way into the new experience. The toggle will remain until R74, our April release. During the April release, the new timesheet will be the default look, and you will no longer be able to toggle to the classic experience. Check out our latest Workforce Management Spotlight video to learn more about these enhancements.