’Tis the Season — for Seasonal Hiring, That Is

Christmas Shopping

It’s that time of the year for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. While it’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year, between family gatherings and finding the perfect gifts for your favorite people, your stress meter is likely running high — not to mention your day job, as you still have open positions to fill before the season is in full swing. Unlike the foreseeable delays in shipping grandma’s gift that will likely cause you angst, hiring will be a breeze with these essential tools from your UKG Ready™ solution.

See how to increase your seasonal splendor by using these features below.

Quick Apply

Whether you want to build a larger candidate pool or get candidates in the door faster, the Quick Apply feature in Recruitment has you covered. You can choose to enable your job requisitions to allow applicants to submit a condensed version of their application. The Quick Apply option can be configured to include the bare minimum of the candidates’ contact information and resume or include a few questions to help narrow down your selection. Areas of Interest is also a function of the Quick Apply configuration, which can help define the types of roles candidates are interested in. Since the Quick Apply process is designed to gather a small amount of information from the candidates to get them in the door, you avoid the “bah, humbugs” from candidates filling out long applications by keeping the questions and data collected to a minimum. 

Recruiting Workspace

If a one-stop-shop experience for recruiters and hiring managers makes you feel jolly, look no further than the Recruiting Workspace. It is essential to have visibility into all the relevant information regarding your applicants. The workspace provides access to details of the job requisition, the applicants’ resume and profile details, and so much more! Access to these items helps streamline your hiring process and saves your managers time getting candidates through their hiring stages, which will surely keep them off the naughty list. 

Offer Letter

Offer letters can be a vital part of your hiring process because they provide details of the job to the candidate, and now you can streamline them in the hiring process. By using offer letter templates, recruiters and managers can generate offer letters that automatically include details from the job requisition, applicant profile, and specific offer letter detail fields. Then, once generated, the document can be assigned and sent directly from the Recruiting Workspace to the candidate and managers for review. Candidates can download and save their offer letters or even sign and submit them in the system. The offer letters can seamlessly run through a workflow to increase efficiency and to reduce the time required to send the documents manually. And who doesn’t love saving time and getting candidates in the door more quickly? More time to relax and sip some cocoa by the fire. 


Now that your candidates are ready to be hired, it’s time to keep them engaged and excited. Onboarding processes will aid in this. Through the Onboarding profile, you can configure both a preboarding portal and an onboarding dashboard. The preboarding portal can be designed to keep your new employees engaged and to provide onboarding materials in one spot. The portal can break down the information, from completing their new-hire paperwork to setting expectations for your new employees on their first day. 


UKG Ready Image 1

Once they are ready to join the team on their first day, you can have an onboarding dashboard with all the pertinent information they need during their onboarding period. By providing these easy-to-access hubs for your new employees, you can spend more time focusing on making them feel comfort and joy. 

These features will absolutely become a few of your favorite things. Once you enable and configure them, you’ll simply have a wonderful recruitment time. 


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