Through the 12 Months of 2021, UKG Ready Gave to Me … Amazing New Functionality

Ready Enhancements

Another year has come and gone! Can you believe it is already 2022? I know I can’t. We went through a lot together last year. From releasing exciting new functionality to finally getting a chance to gather in person for UKG Works, last year was one for the books. And it doesn’t stop there. UKG Ready™ had six releases across 2021. Let’s take a look at some of the most influential UKG Ready enhancements. 

Ready Enhancements

Cross-suite enhancements 

April release

Company Hub — The Company Hub was one of the most exciting enhancements UKG Ready put out in 2021. It’s unlike anything UKG Ready has ever done before. The Company Hub provides organizations the ability to create their very own intranet within UKG Ready. It’s a one-stop shop for your employees to keep up to date on things such as company standards, organizational announcements, company culture, and so much more! 

Not taking full advantage of all this feature has to offer? Learn more about the Company Hub.

June release

Customizing views for My To Do List — UKG Ready admins now have the ability to customize their My To Do List to meet their needs! We realize that not all admins are the same and their My To Do list may look different from others’. With this functionality, admins now can tailor their view for the My To Do list to their own personal needs and tasks. This makes it easier for them to complete items in their day-to-day work and saves them time sifting through information that may not be relevant to them. 

Read more about customizing views for My To Do List

October release

Checklist improvements — Our checklist functionality was completely redesigned this year, based on your feedback! We were hearing that while checklists are useful, they can get a little confusing, especially for new hires. Oftentimes, new hires would fill out a required form, like an I-9 or for direct deposit, and be unable to navigate back to the checklist. With the latest redesign of the checklist, your employees can fill out forms on the same checklist page, eliminating the need to find the checklist again. 

Learn more about how your organization can leverage the latest checklist functionality

October release

My Learning becomes Learning Center — UKG Ready My Learning was officially renamed Learning Center this year. And while the functionality itself didn’t change, the UKG Ready education team took a step back and completely redesigned how we provide relevant and timely training. The result? Learning journeys! Learning journeys are prescribed, personalized journeys that guide learners through a continuous learning experience. The UKG Ready education team is constantly putting together new, ongoing learning journeys and classes for our customers. 

Need a refresher on what the Learning Center has to offer? Dive in now!

Workforce management enhancements 

February and August releases

Attestation — UKG Ready has made several enhancements to its attestation functionality this past year. However, one enhancement that stands out is the ability for salaried workers to leverage attestation. Before this enhancement in the August release, salaried workers were unable to easily attest to anything since they did not punch in and out. Now a punch is no longer required to trigger a workflow, and salaried employees can easily attest to things like their health, whether they took their lunch, and so much more.

Learn more about the latest attestation enhancements from the February and August releases!

June release

Custom forms for LOA — Different organizations have different processes, especially when it comes to time off or a leave of absence (LOA). What is required for your organization might not necessarily be required for another. With the ability to add custom forms to the LOA process, you are in control of what forms your organization requires employees to fill out. It’s completely customizable, and it all lives within the LOA process. No need to go chasing down employees for required documentation. 

Learn more about how your organization might use the custom forms for LOA in your day-to-day work!

HR and Payroll enhancements 

April, August, and October releases

Recruitment workspace — The recruitment workspace is a recruiter’s dream. It houses all day-to-day tasks in one space! Enhancements made to the recruitment workspace throughout the year aim to benefit recruiters and create a better overall experience for applicants. Recruiters now no longer have to navigate to different screens and pages to complete their tasks. And we’ve made tons of enhancements to the offer letter capability. Recruiters can now extend an offer letter and see whether an offer letter has been accepted through the workspace. In turn, applicants can now view, accept, or reject offer letters directly from UKG Ready. 

Looking for more information? Learn more about the recruitment workspace from the April release. Read more about our offer letter enhancements from the August and October releases.

June release

Preboarding portal — Does your organization have a plan to engage your new hires and promote your company culture before they actually start? That’s what the preboarding portal is all about! Interact with, prepare, and engage your new employees after they sign their offer letter and before they work their first day. Perhaps you want them to get a jump-start on their paperwork, fill out their direct deposit information, or watch some welcoming videos. All of this is made possible through the preboarding portal.

Interested in learning about the preboarding portal? Check out information from the June release.

October release

Employee surveys — Engagement surveys are perhaps the most long-awaited enhancement to be released in 2021. With UKG Ready’s customizable templates, your organization can easily send out surveys to your workforce. Leverage surveys to keep a finger on the pulse of the employee experience and morale at your organization, and view all the results within a report form or charts/graphs. It’s an amazing must-use tool. 

Learn more about engagement surveys

What a year we’ve had, and here’s to many more with all of you! From all of us here at UKG, have a great new year, everyone.


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The enhancements chosen in this blog post are courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former customer.