Three Reasons Your Workforce Can Benefit from Using the UKG Ready Mobile App

Mobile at work

The UKG Ready Mobile App is a game-changer when it comes to optimizing your company’s HR and workforce management processes. As the option to work remotely becomes increasingly popular, today’s workforce is no longer confined to a desk. Whether you’re in the workplace or working from home, employees are constantly on the go, making it more challenging than ever to rely on a desktop for their HR and timekeeping needs. Fortunately, UKG has made it easy to access the full Ready system to stay connected while on the go. Here are three reasons why using the UKG Ready Mobile app to mobilize your HR processes will be beneficial to your workforce:

Employee and Manager Self-Service

Using the UKG Ready mobile app, provides your employees with a self-service platform to access and manage their HR-related information. Your employees can manage their timesheet and view their paystubs all with the touch of a button. Managers can manage performance reviews, view employee data, and track and manage hiring stages, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. Self-service empowers employees and reduces administrative effort. Sara Tilkens from the YMCA of the Fox Cities explains how managers within her organization use the UKG Ready mobile app to streamline their payroll processes.

Our supervisors love it because they can approve their payroll right from home and don’t have to haul up their computers. We see them approving on Sunday nights or getting ahead of it and see that someone is missing a punch over the weekend and address that before we’re all of a sudden up against deadlines to get payroll processed.

sara tilkens, YMCA of the Fox Cities 

Check out what else Sara has to say on her organizations use of the mobile app! 

On-the-go Strategy

Enable your employees the ability to access and adjust important information anytime, anywhere. Reports, dashboards, and charts run in real time to provide insights and data, ensuring you’re always ready to instantly pivot and answer questions. In addition, the mobile app provides access to your benefits features that allows your employees to complete their enrollment at the touch of a finger. Think about how this will positively impact your employees during Open Enrollment season! Using mobile for enrollment allows your employees to make their elections using the Benefits widget, providing the flexibility to take the enrollment home and discuss elections with other individuals involved in the selection process. 

Streamline Time and Scheduling

Grant your employees the ability to clock in and clock out, even when offline, edit time sheets, and submit time off requests while on the go. Managers can view and manage individual and team schedules and process approvals for their employees. Administrators have the ability to view and manage deductions, tax withholding, and garnishments, prepare payroll, and manage quarter-end or year-end processes in intuitive checklists. Flexible time and scheduling options help to eliminate manual tasks and reduce pay discrepancies by staying on top of these time keeping processes

Where to Learn More:

Our UKG Ready Mobile resource page just got a facelift. You can access this page from the UKG Community and there you’ll find:

  • Instructions on how to download and access the mobile app
  • Employee resources including quick training videos
  • Administrator best practices for deploying the mobile app

Interested in hearing more from Sara Tilkens about how the YMCA of the Fox Cities utilizes the mobile app and how it has benefited their organization? Listen to our Two Minute Tuesday Tip Podcast out now on the Working Smarter Café Podcast!