These UKG Pro Features Can Give You More Time Back in Your Day

These UKG Pro Features Can Give You More Time Back in Your Day

The one thing we all wish we had a little bit more of? Time. But between running payroll, approving PTO, managing recruitment efforts, processing transfers and promotions, and so much more, it can be hard to find extra moments for other important things, like employee engagement campaigns and culture initiatives. Luckily, you can set up your UKG Pro™ solution to give you some spare time in your day. 


More Time


Did you know?

Your UKG Pro solution comes packed full of incredible time-saving features that are entirely standard and completely free and can help save you hours of manual work. Among the most notable of these are business processes and workflow automation. And what do they do exactly? They allow you to monitor your change requests by assigning permissions and rules to the information an employee, manager, or administrator can edit in an employee record — and they give you the ability to automate the normally tedious and time-consuming approval process when the change requires an approval.

Here are some common tasks you can simplify with these features: 

  • Change job
  • Change job and salary
  • Change organization
  • Change status
  • Change salary/review
  • Change employee name/address/telephone
  • Add employee

That’s only a small glimpse at everything you can do. There are over 100 business processes already templated and available for you within the solution. Plus, you can design your own processes to accommodate all your business’s needs — from very simple linear workflows (business process requests that are either automatically approved or configured to follow the same approval steps every time) to conditional workflows (requests that follow approval steps that only occur when the conditions you’ve configured are met).

A word on conditional workflows

Conditional workflows can get a little complicated, but this is also where you’ll find the most value when configuring your workflow settings. You know those outdated processes every business has? Let’s use this as an example: One of your managers emails you to let you know she has awarded an employee a salary increase. If the increase is less than 5%, you can go ahead and enter it into your HCM solution; if it’s more than 5%, you need to forward the email to two or three higher-ups to get their approval before you make it official. Setting up a conditional workflow can take care of that — potentially saving you hundreds of hours of work over the next few years. Just be sure to keep the following best practices in mind:

  1. Think about how the business process will be used, using real-world examples to assist you
  2. Identify the ideal, or most common, workflow path that will account for most of this business process’s requests
  3. Indicate exceptions to the ideal workflow path that require alternate configuration rules
  4. Configure the exceptions first, then proceed to configure the ideal workflow path

Next steps…

If you’d like to learn how to configure your business processes and workflows to automate a series of actions in UKG Pro that make sense for your organization, we have resources to help you. You can sign up for this introductory course to get familiar with the basics, or you can access a series of robust guides and tutorials in the Learning Center to get started with building helpful paths and conditions right away. Plus, be sure to register for our next virtual UKG Huddle. There’s a great session on the topic taking place on June 2 at 11 a.m. ET. Find out more here.