The Telltale Sign of a Successful Global Rollout

Successful Global Rollout

You want to make the best choices possible for your organization when rolling out a workforce management solution to employees in locations across the globe. But where to start? Two Kronos experts share their insights in the podcast The Telltale Sign of a Successful Global Rollout. Workforce management strategic advisor John Colglazier and workforce management solution consultant Greg Freudenthaler offer guidance on setting global business standards to help you navigate decisions about your workforce. 


What do we mean by standardization?

So, what is standardization? I asked this simple question to set the stage for the discussion with John and Greg. We hear the word standardization related to workforce management often, but what do we really mean by phrases like “standardization strategy” and “setting global business standards”? 

Here’s what I learned. Think about attendance policies, timekeeping rules, and forecasting procedures. You might have different guidelines for each area, but could you create a standard that covers them all? In many cases, yes. Take those disparate ways of doing things and bring them together in one overarching model. The experts say that the most agreed-upon norms within the business can typically be applied to multiple sections of the organization, establishing a single source of truth for all departments to work from.

Tune in to the podcast for greater detail and to learn more about:

  • What to consider when building a successful standardization strategy
  • The importance of investing time and resources into the process 
  • The benefits of proper standardization
  • The key players who should be involved in setting up and carrying out a strategy to standardize

Key takeaway — It’s never too late. Developing a standard for workforce management can happen at any point along your Kronos customer journey, so don’t feel like you’ve held out too long. There’s no such thing. It’s never too late to take initiative and propel yourself forward to where you want to be. Happy standardizing!


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