Take a Trip Down the UKG Pro Talent Roadmap Recap

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When it comes to acquiring and managing your organization’s talent, we know it’s a full-time job. 

During our recent UKG Pro® Talent Roadmap Review, our product experts discussed enhancements we’ve released in the talent solutions so far this year that will help you save time and improve the recruiting, onboarding, and talent management experience for you and your people. They also covered what we’re planning to deliver in the coming months, a high-level look at our plans for 2024, and ways you can provide feedback and share ideas that will help influence the features we develop. If you couldn’t attend, watch the recording at your convenience, or if you’re short on time, read the highlights below: 

Ongoing Focus on Innovation and Strategic Investment Areas

Our product teams remain focused on delivering enhancements that will make your talent acquisition and management experience as seamless as possible. We’ve continuously increased research and development spending year over year to make sure we’re building products that support new ways of working, create intelligent experiences, and put customers first while designing a cohesive experience for all. As we look ahead to 2024, we’ll continue to focus on an improved suite experience while bringing you innovative and intelligent ways of working.

We’re Listening

Did you know 28% of the features on the 2023 UKG Pro roadmap came from customer ideas? That’s right, our product teams truly listen to what you have to say and act on your suggestions. There are various ways you can influence the development strategy for our talent solutions. From submitting, voting, and commenting on ideas in our UKG Ideas Portal, sharing your thoughts in our UKG Community user groups, to participating in controlled rollouts and more, your voice matters and can have a huge impact on what we deliver!

Talent Management Updates

Users of our UKG Pro Performance Reviews solution will notice administrative tasks have been streamlined and they can now copy review templates in addition to changing a review supervisor. Up next, we’ll be working to give users the ability to attach supporting documents to performance reviews, a top idea from customers like you. 

UKG Pro Coaching and Development users have gained the ability to create custom conversation templates for their organizations, helping drive higher quality conversations between leaders and employees. Soon, users will have the ability to cancel or delete a feedback request and update feedback contributors, making feedback requests more adaptable to suit your organization’s needs. 

If you’re using UKG Pro Employee Voice™ for your surveys, you’ll soon gain the ability to schedule stop dates for surveys and create recurring pulse surveys to continuously solicit feedback from employees. We’re also working on an integration with our UKG Talk® solution. Stay tuned! 

Using our UKG Pro Learning solution? Great news! Detailed notifications on bulk imports will help reduce redundancy and lost time for administrators when reconciling records from bulk imports. Looking ahead, we’re working to bring you a freshly updated user interface, the ability to customize certificates to comply with regulatory standards, and integrations with content providers Udemy and OpenSesame that will expand our library of courses and simplify training management.

Lastly, keep an eye out for updates about UKG Pro Career Designer, a new solution we’ll begin offering next year.

UKG Pro Recruiting Updates

It’s been a big year for our UKG Pro Recruiting team, they’ve introduced some major new features like Candidate Texting, which gives recruiters and hiring managers the ability to text candidates directly from the solution, and Interview Self-Scheduling, which enables candidates to self-schedule their interviews by selecting a date and time from provided timeslots. If your organization uses Google Calendar or Microsoft Office 365, recruiters and hiring managers can also include a video conferencing link in the meeting invitation for self-scheduled interviews. 

Soon to come will be enhancements that allow recruiters and hiring managers to merge candidates, edit email addresses, and edit offers. We’ll also be introducing additional offer merge tags. 

UKG Pro Onboarding Updates

Our UKG Pro Onboarding team recently introduced the ability to edit new hire data after launch, which was the number one idea request with over 3,000 votes. They also introduced settings that will give system administrators the ability to restrict employee administrators from adding or removing new hires, an enhanced launch view that shows not only the tasks the new hire is completing but also the steps completed in each task, and more.

Coming at the end of September will be the #2 idea from customers that will allow new hires to upload their own documents. The team is also hard at work to get the new Form I-9 added to the solution before November 1, and we’ll be in touch as soon as it’s available. Once we’ve deployed the new form in your solution, new hires will receive it automatically. 

There are many enhancements that have already been released in our UKG Pro Talent solutions this year and even more to come. We appreciate your partnership along the way and look forward to continuing our great work together.

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