Take Advantage of These Essential UKG Dimensions HCM Resources

Dimensions HCM Resources

From communications to learning and everything in between, it is vital to stay in the know. As a UKG Dimensions® human capital management (HCM) customer, several resources are available to help guide you through your journey. So just for you, we’ve compiled a list of six essential resources to help keep you up to date on the latest and greatest! Check out the resources below.
Trust Site
The UKG Dimensions Trust Site is one of your most essential resources to stay in the know. The trust site offers several features, including:

  • A dashboard to monitor the solution status
  • The ability to track and review scheduled maintenance
  • A way to view the availability of tenants for each environment

Release Readiness
As you know, your UKG Dimensions HCM releases are different from your UKG Dimensions workforce management (WFM) releases. We have six releases each year, so the release readiness page for UKG Dimensions HCM is a must-have! With each release, the page is updated with important resources to help you prepare for new enhancements, including feature highlights, upcoming release dates, a spotlight video with details on upcoming enhancements, as well as additional release tools. 

A mobile resources page is available and provides the tools for both your employees and you as an administrator. You’ll find a mobile checklist to help ensure you and your employees are confidently using the mobile app. You will also find links to your app stores, guides on common features worth checking out, and additional adoption resources to get your employees and managers up and running on the app.

Knowledge Base Articles and Online Help
If you’re looking for answers to questions such as how to complete a particular process or finding solutions to help you through a problem, you can use the knowledge base search capabilities in the UKG Kronos Community. You can search for your question and find answers on documentation and processes to assist you. And while knowledge base articles are a great way to find a quick answer, the configuration details are often found on the Online Help site, so don’t forget to check out that as well. 

Dimensions HCM Discussion Group
Connecting with other UKG Dimensions HCM users has never been easier! Using the discussion group will help you stay up to date with the latest and greatest features, learning opportunities, and blog posts, network with other users, and more. Have a question? Ask it and see how your fellow UKG Dimensions HCM customers and product experts can help with best practices and tips!

Learning Resources
As a UKG Dimensions HCM customer, you have access to great learning content around general HR topics, compensation, ACA, performance, recruiting, and payroll. To hit the ground running, see how UKG KnowledgeMap™ can help by utilizing the self-paced courses, job aids, how-to guides, and more for all of your human capital management needs. Then take it a step further with a UKG KnowledgeMap Live™ subscription where you will find additional self-paced learning and live training access for your functional and technical support teams. Additionally, you will gain access to the User Adoption Resource Center for your end-user change management and training tools. Access the UKG KnowledgeMap site here and take a quick tour to learn more about the offerings!

And there you have it — six essential resources to guide you through your HCM journey! Be sure to bookmark the pages for quick reference and to help you stay up to date with all the UKG Dimensions HCM happenings. And don’t forget to check out your additional resources on the UKG® Kronos Community UKG Dimensions Resource Center.