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LifeSpire of Virginia Cuts Through Data Madness with Goal-Oriented Home Pages

Learn how LifeSpire of Virginia customized their UKG Pro Workforce Management™ solution home screen to improve timecard approvals by driving manager accountability and decreasing pay errors for hourly employees.

March 2024 Compliance Update: Spring into Action

March is the season to stop and smell the roses, start fresh with spring cleaning, and spring into action for new compliance updates. Let’s navigate through the latest tax and compliance updates to ensure you’re prepped for what’s ahead.  
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February 2024 Compliance Update: A Wintry Mix of Regulations

The February 2024 Compliance Update offers a warm guide through the complexities of new regulations. Keep your business insulated from the cold front of compliance risks with essential updates and strategic insights.
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UKG + TurboTax = Easy Tax Prep for You and Your People

Taxes are a drag, but tax time doesn’t have to be! See how UKG and TurboTax work together to make U.S. tax prep simple for you and your employees
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Tip Your Hat to Our New Third-Party Integration Update

Discover how you can expedite third-party integration updates with the help of our Turnkey Integration Platform.
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January 2024 Compliance Update: New Year, New U.S. Laws

Explore the January 2024 Compliance Update for the latest legislative news affecting U.S. employers. This quick overview covers changes in state and federal employment laws. Stay informed and navigate the evolving landscape of employment compliance with key insights and actionable information.
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Maximizing UKG Wallet for Employees' Financial Wellness

UKG Wallet provides your people with immediate access to their earned wages and empowers them with financial wellness tools. Learn more about the various features the offering provides to ensure you’re making the most of this solution.
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December 2023 Compliance Update: Keeping You in the Loop

December brings a flurry of compliance updates and we’re here to help you gear up. Let’s navigate through the latest tax and compliance updates with ease. 
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A UKG Pro Guide to Mandated Sick Leave

When it comes to mandated sick leave, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for businesses to remain compliant and supportive of their workforce. With laws varying by state and sometimes even by city, it’s important to understand the flexibility and capabilities of your UKG Pro® solution. 
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UKG Pro Talent Roadmap: The Latest Insights from Our Product Experts

If you missed the recent UKG Pro Talent Roadmap Presentation, we’ve got you covered with all the main highlights here.