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Making Payroll Easier – One Service at a Time

As a payroll administrator, you know that payroll processing is more than just clicking the “complete” button. There are many post-processing steps involved, too. Explore the not-so-secret ways that UKG® Payroll Services helps you through your post-processing needs.
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This Draft Week, We’re Celebrating Recruiters: The Whole Team Counts on You!

We’ve compiled a host of resources for recruiters using our UKG Pro™ and UKG Ready™ solutions to staff their organizations. We’re taking the guesswork out of the Opportunity Lifecycle so they can focus on what’s important: building a strong team.
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Auditor: New AI-Powered Feature for UKG Dimensions Analytics

UKG Dimensions™ now has a tool to quickly identify potential compliance risks within your workforce. The Auditor user interface leverages artificial intelligence to identify, discover, report, and track these possible risks or unwanted behavior related to timekeeping and scheduling within your organization. Read on to see how you can take advantage.
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Maximize Your UKG Dimensions Investment by Understanding Everything It Has to Offer

Your organization has successfully implemented UKG Dimensions, but since it’s a new application for your organization, you may be unsure of all that Dimensions has to offer. See how a periodic review can be vital to ensuring your organization gets the most out of the solution.
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Keeping Your Workforce Connected with the UKG Dimensions Mobile App

With the fight for talent at an all-time high, offering your employees the autonomy that a mobile app gives is a key advantage for any organization. Whether it’s offering the opportunity to check upcoming schedules from home, pick up extra shifts, or simply check their latest paystub, a mobile app is critical for modern employees.
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Your Next Employees Might Be Hiding – Here’s How to Find Them

Millions of people want to work, but barriers keep them hidden from employers. UKG and Accenture offer the flexible solutions that can bring them out of hiding.
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Luck Has Nothing To Do with Your Employee Engagement

Don’t leave your employee engagement strategy up to luck. Employee surveys can be used in various ways to increase employee engagement. Discover the importance of using surveys to gather employee feedback on and thoughts about your organization.
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Are You up to Date With Clinical Scheduling Extensions?

It is not too late to plan out the rest of your 2022 roadmap! Learn how your healthcare organization can take advantage of performance improvements and new features for your nursing team by updating your Clinical Scheduling Extension's service packs.
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UKG Dimensions Documentation 101

This blog will walk you through the different types of documentation you will need to navigate your UKG Dimensions™ workforce management (WFM) product. After diving into this blog, you’ll be able to find your way around release documentation and understand which areas to focus on.
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PODCAST: How to Access Your Earnings Before Pay Day with UKG Wallet

Tune in to learn about the new UKG earned wage access solution! Access what you’ve earned when you need it.