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Dimensions Report Rundown

Your Dimensions solution offers robust built-in reporting capabilities — here are four reports that can help you manage your workforce more efficiently.
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At UKG, security is everyone's responsibility

Scott Howitt, Chief Digital Officer, and Mustapha Kebbeh, Chief Security Office at UKG offer insights into the initiatives that provide 24/7 security to your door at UKG. Follow along to learn more.
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New Year, New Release! Get Ready for the Dimensions R9 Update 2 Release

The new Dimensions release is here! Read on for tips about how to get release ready and what type of features will be in the R9 Update 2 release.

Keeping up with 2023 trends using UKG Dimensions

As we prepare to enter 2023, business adaptability and agility is a strong emerging trend throughout the globe. Read more to see what types of features your Dimensions solution offers to help you keep up with the trends.
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A Gift You Can Open Early: Unwrap Our Seasonal Secrets

The holiday season is here and with it comes seasonal challenges. To help you and your teams prepare, we've curated a variety of resources to help get you and your people through the rush.

Tackle Your Year-End Payroll Process with These Essential Resources

Don’t let the year-end pressure get to you. Explore these UKG Dimensions and UKG Ready year-end resources to get you into the end zone.
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Learn How You Can Visit UKG Headquarters or Host Your Own UKG User Group

We are excited to announce two new customer engagement experiences. Dive in to see what the Focus on U customer experience and Local Meetups are all about and how you can participate.
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A Better Work-Life Balance for Healthcare Workers with UKG Dimensions

Offer your healthcare employees a better work-life balance with more insight and flexibility for their time off. Discover three features that will make life easier for both the employee and the manager to arrange schedules so they can get back to doing what they do best — taking care of patients!
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The Dimensions WFM R9 Update 1 is Approaching ... Now’s the Time to Prepare!

UKG Dimensions® R9 Update 1 to be released this September through November 2022 with new solution features and enhancements.
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We blinked, and the next Dimensions WFM release is already here: Check out this Q&A to help you prepare for R9

Are you prepared for your next UKG Dimensions WFM Release, R9? We are here to help. Dive into this blog to discover answers to some question you might likely have.