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The New Payment Services Community Page

A new UKG Community page is here for all Payment Services release and update communications! Curious to know where it’s located and what’s included? Read on to learn more.

Year One of the New UKG Community: Celebrating Connection, Collaboration, and Our Most Valuable Neighbors

The new UKG Community turned one year old. Read on to see what the celebration is all about.

It’s Just Another Mobile Monday

This month Mondays are something to look forward to! Each Monday we’ll be providing new mobile content for a different UKG Ready mobile topic. Learn more about what you can expect!

Introducing the UKG Training Pathfinder

How to access, how it works, and what you need to know. 

The UKG Ready Report Rundown Spring Edition

April showers bring May powers! In this latest edition of the UKG Ready Report Rundown unearth three reports that will help you understand how your employees prefer to access your system.  

Seven Steps for Success in the UKG Community

Knowing your way around the UKG Community neighborhood is the best way to feel at home. Discover tips that will put you on a path towards success and help you navigate like a pro.

Blooming Features: Springtime Enhancements Coming to UKG Ready

As spring is among us, it’s the perfect time to introduce seven fresh features from our latest release. Check out our enhancements to your UKG Ready® solution. 

UKG Ready Report Rundown: Availability, Preferences, and Coverage Oh My!

Explore four reports to help you navigate the scheduling needs of your employees in this edition of the UKG Ready Report Rundown.
Working Smarter Café

UKG Ideas Process Enhancements Improve the Customer Experience

Learn more about how we’re evolving the management of your ideas to enhance the experience for all.
Working Smarter Café

Navigating UKG: A Brief Guide to Maximizing Videos

Seeking a quick resource to help you navigate your UKG solutions? Look no further than "Maximizing Videos" -- your trusty compass for product discoveries.