The Sun Is Setting on Internet Explorer 11 — What This Means for UKG Dimensions Customers

IE 11

Did you know that Microsoft is sunsetting Internet Explorer (IE) 11? Last year, the technology company announced that Microsoft 365 apps and services would not support the IE 11 browser after August 2021.

Image: Microsoft timeline for Internet Explorer’s end of life

Image: Microsoft timeline for Internet Explorer’s end of life 

So, how does this impact UKG Dimensions™? To continue providing a modern and secure experience, we will end IE 11 support for UKG Dimensions as of July 2021. 

Why will UKG Dimensions no longer support IE 11?

IE came to be when online referred to a far less sophisticated and advanced environment than it does today. Microsoft itself acknowledges that users working with newer browsers have smoother and more innovative online experiences than IE is equipped to provide. Also, the browser’s lack of complexity limits user interface (UI) improvements that contribute to an enhanced user experience .

UKG Dimensions is not alone in this decision. Microsoft has already begun advising internet users to shift away from IE 11, and other enterprise software vendors (such as Salesforce, Oracle, ADP, and ServiceNow) are following suit. Furthermore, this route is consistent with the direction for our other UKG solutions.

What does this mean for me? What browser should I use for Dimensions? 

No longer supporting IE 11 means UKG won’t provide technical support for the browser if issues arise. Users should start logging into Dimensions with a recommended browser as soon as possible. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome are all currently supported browser technologies. 

Our first choice and the browser we recommend is Chrome. When using Chrome, you’ll notice performance improvements and be positioned to receive the best possible Dimensions experience. Customers have even commented in our UKG Kronos Community about its speed compared to the others. 

What happens if I keep using IE 11 to access Dimensions after July 2021? 

You will still be able to access Dimensions with IE 11 after July 2021, but you risk experiencing degraded security, performance, and response times. You also won’t be able to take advantage of future UKG Dimensions user experience improvements, as the browser’s lack of sophistication limits design and other UI components.

Note for the admin reader: Microsoft recommends enterprise organizations that require continuing IE 11 functionality switch to Edge and enable IE 11 mode. For more information on IE mode, review the Microsoft article explaining IE mode in depth.

Fewer and fewer customers are using IE 11

We’ve seen a decrease in the number of Dimensions customers using IE 11. Gold stars to those of you who have already moved to more modern choices! Last year, usage was at 29%, and it’s now further diminished to 12%. 

Are you part of the remaining 12%? If so, we encourage you to wave farewell to the browser, thank it for its time, and move on to a newer standard option. We understand the hesitation to shift away from a practice that has become routine. Change is often difficult. But the sooner you adjust and take action, the better off you’ll be.  

Learn more

Please don’t be shy! Ask us questions if you have them! For questions about how the end of support for IE 11 impacts UKG Dimensions, please post in the UKG Dimensions WFM or UKG Dimensions HCM groups in UKG Kronos Community and a member of the team will assist you.  

If you have further questions about the IE 11 lifecycle, please check out the Lifecycle FAQ from Microsoft. 

IT and other technical support functions at your organization are likely aware of the end-of-life trajectory for IE 11 from Microsoft, and they should be able to assist you with questions specific to your organization’s browser support strategy.