Six Ways UKG Will Show You How We Care in 2021

Six ways

At UKG, we always put people at the center of everything we do. The only thing we love more than time and scheduling and HR solutions is you. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again because it’s the honest truth. We’re in this together as partners for life. 

We genuinely care about you and creating more meaningful and connected work experiences for your people. And while we celebrate our customers as often as we can, what better time to write about how much you mean to us than in February? After all, it is the month of love. 

Here are six ways we’ll show you how we care throughout 2021.



Office Appreciation

Smile-Worthy Surprises

Isn’t it the best when you feel a smile coming on from something unexpected? Over the year, you’ll find a few delightful surprises in your inbox or in UKG Kronos Community celebrating essential milestones, noteworthy events, and other memorable moments. Keep your eyes peeled. That’s all I’ll say. They won’t be surprises otherwise! You’ll know them when you see them.

User Spotlights

There is an open invitation to be featured in a User Spotlight where you can share your story about using a UKG solution. The spotlight will highlight your knowledge and expertise and give others a glimpse of the UKG expert you are. To participate, fill out this short interview form and let us know your favorite product features and resources and why they matter to you. Check out the User Spotlights from 2020: 14 User Spotlights and Counting — Who’s Next?

UKG Insiders

The UKG Insiders program provides the chance to make connections with peers and UKG experts, share your perspectives, amplify your stories and experiences, and get recognition along the way. Insiders also have access to exclusive, members-only customer collaborations, info sessions, and feedback sessions. The Insiders team has a list of exciting opportunities for you this year. If you’re a UKG Insider, make sure you’ve joined the private UKG Insiders group in UKG Kronos Community — where the team communicates announcements about the members-only events and other insider intel. If you’re not yet a UKG Insiders member and are interested in learning more about it, check out the UKG Insiders page.

UKG Huddle 

Last year’s Huddle was full of good vibes, great content, and colorful lava lamps. Customers who attended the event know just what I mean by that! We had a blast, and we’re excited to host another virtual Huddle event this year. Stay tuned in the coming months for more information about the date and the sessions. We’ll keep you updated via Working Smarter Café blogs and posts in UKG Kronos Community. I can assure you that the Huddle will be the event of the summer. If you’d like to check out the 2020 Huddle, it’s available on demand until June.

UKG Kronos Community

The UKG Kronos Community is where product experts and others from UKG show you how much we care every day. By fostering discussion groups, answering questions, providing content, and more, the Community is one of your most valuable resources as a customer. I like to think of it as many people think of home — it’s where you go when you need something or could use some support. 

UKG Works

And as always, we’ll round out the year with the annual customer conference. The UKG Works events team is already putting heads together to shape a fabulous experience for you to share ideas, work on your tech-savviness, build stronger connections, and learn from insightful sessions. We’ve only just begun, but we can’t wait for you to experience all the event will have to offer come November. More details are on the horizon. Join the UKG Works group in Community for updates when they are available.


That’s the six, but there will be more. We never stop thinking about ways to show you how much you mean to us. 

If you feel inclined to show us you care too, you can learn how to share your experience with UKG

Thank you for being a UKG customer! We appreciate you!