Six UKG Ready and UKG Dimensions HCM Must-Have Resources for National Payroll Week

UKG Ready Payrol

If you’re like me, you love a good celebration. That’s why when I saw National Payroll Week (September 6-10) coming up on my calendar, I knew it was time to put on the party pants and celebrate one of the most (if not the most important) professions there is — payroll. 

And, while we should celebrate payroll every week, National Payroll Week is designed to focus our attention on the folks who are vital pieces of the employee engagement puzzle. 

Thank you for keeping the puzzle intact by ensuring we receive correct payments and paychecks, that 401(k)s and HSAs are appropriately allocated, and that tuitions are reimbursed. Thank you especially for diligently navigating this past year and a half, from new legislation — such as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the CARES Act — to handling withholding taxes to newly remote employees, and so much more. 

Payroll is a crucial piece of the employee engagement puzzle, and we know it takes a variety of tools to help payroll peeps stay up to date. So we’ve gathered our top six must-have resources to help UKG Ready™ and UKG Dimensions™ human capital management (HCM) customers ensure every puzzle piece is placed correctly. 

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Educational opportunities

UKG Ready

Access an array of educational opportunities and on-demand training via My Learning. The training team recently launched new learning journeys to help administrators determine which courses to take and when. For payroll professionals, access the payroll learning journey and dive into rich training content from payroll concepts to year-end payroll processing. 

*My Learning is available right within the UKG Ready solution by navigating to My Info > Help > My Learning.

Dimensions HCM:

We offer both self-paced (on-demand) and instructor-led learning within UKG KnowledgeMap Live™. Log in, select Find Learning in the menu bar, and filter on the Deploy: Adopt phase to find the training listed below. We recommend all three instructor-led courses for payroll professionals:

  1. Payroll Company Maintenance – 3 hours 
  2. Payroll Employee Maintenance – 3.5 hours
  3. Processing Payroll – 8 hours

Each instructor-led course provides lecture, demonstration, and hands-on activities. Navigate to Resources > KnowledgeMap Live User Resources to view the Dimensions HCM Payroll Class Recommendations and learn the importance of taking these courses in the recommended order.

And for those seasoned payroll professionals, look for Go Further and New Feature on-demand content!

UKG Payroll Services 

The UKG Payroll Services team has an array of essential tools and resources available within the UKG Payroll Services Resource Center, including training for quarter-end and year-end, a payroll services user guide, mini-training sessions, and more. You can also collaborate with the payroll services team by joining the UKG Payroll Services group in UKG Kronos Community.

Networking Groups 

In addition to the UKG Payroll Services group, you can join other UKG Kronos Community groups to connect with payroll experts and your peers. We recommend that UKG Dimensions HCM customers join the Dimensions HCM group and that UKG Ready customers subscribe to UKG Ready – Payroll and Tax. Access timely information, learn best practices, ask hard-hitting questions, and more.

You can also connect with like-minded payroll peers at the UKG Works customer conference, November 14-17 at ARIA Las Vegas. Register now for the in-person or virtual experience!

Alert Groups + Trust Site 

UKG Ready

Alert Groups for UKG Ready are used to announce release information such as technical advisories, service packs/releases, and legislative updates. You’ll want to ensure you are subscribed to “every post” for Alert groups. Unsure of your Alert group? We have you covered with this Knowledge base article

Dimensions HCM

If you leverage Dimensions HCM, the Trust Site is your go-to resource to stay informed on technical advisories, service packs/releases, and legislative updates. Access to the Trust Site is available via the Dimensions HCM Release Readiness page

Release Spotlight Videos

We get that working in payroll doesn’t always afford you the time to dive into release notes every time a release occurs. That’s why for each release we’ve put together short overviews of impactful enhancements broken out by solution areas — HR + Payroll and Cross-Suite. We keep each video under 10 minutes so you can digest the latest improvements during a coffee or tea break. 

HR and Payroll Resource Library

If you want to stay on top of the latest news on state and federal laws and regulations, you can find in-depth info with the HR and Payroll Resource Library. This easy-to-use tool is available to all customers, and you can set email preferences so you don’t miss out on crucial payroll-related information. 

*You can access the HR and Payroll Resource Library right from the home page of the UKG Kronos Community. 


Again, thank you, payroll professionals. Without you, we’d simply be incomplete!