Shadow or Not These 6 New UKG Ready Enhancements Will Surely Put a Spring in Your Step

Ready Release

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone! Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow and bless us with another six weeks of winter? I sure hope not. Some good news, however: Brad Nycz, UKG Ready™ suite executive relationship director and former customer, is at it again. He’s highlighted six upcoming enhancements bound to put a spring in your step regardless of what happens with Phil. Follow along and see how you may use these enhancements to help with your day-to-day responsibilities!

Ready Release

1. Custom Form Improvements — the Tooltip Checkbox 

Phil has been stuck in Pennsylvania for what feels like days on end. Luckily, he brought his work laptop with him, and his organization is completely fine with him working remotely until he finally makes his way out of PA. One day, he notices a new To Do item that shockingly was not there the day before — a custom form needs to be filled out. Immediately, he begins to question what this form is for and why he needs to fill it out. Thanks to this new enhancement, Phil’s system admin was able to use the tooltip to explain exactly why he needs to fill out the custom form. The tooltip allows the admin to provide context around the form, without ever editing the original document, and allows Phil to understand why this form is needed. 
a. Where is it: Cross Product Release Notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and employees 

2. New and Improved Manager Replacement Functionality 

Rita has “no call, no-showed” on her last four shifts, resulting in her termination. In fact, the last time anyone spoke with her, she was on her way to Punxsutawney to find out whether there would be six more weeks of winter. Upon her termination, Rita’s 10 direct reports now need a new manager listed in the UKG Ready system. Thanks to the new and improved manager replacement functionality, it’s easy for the company admin to switch multiple employees to a new manager at once and gain access to a Manager Replacement Report. Now the admin can keep track of the Old Manager, the New Manager, whether or not the transfer was successful, and how many items have been transferred. 
a. Where is it: TLM Release Notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and managers

3. New Option in Timesheet Workflow for Employee Accept/Decline 

Larry and Phil have worked together for who knows how long. And, while Phil is stuck in Pennsylvania, Larry decides to take a quick vacation — things are boring without Phil around. But, things somehow tend to get lost in translation, and upon reviewing his timesheet, Larry realizes his PTO is reflected on this week’s timesheet instead of the next. With the latest timesheet workflow option, Larry is able to see the edits made to his timesheet, decline them, and alert his manager that a mistake was made. 
a. Where is it: TLM Release Notes 
b. Who will use it: Employees 

4. Introducing NFC Functionality

Larry used NFC functionality to request time off for his vacation, and it was the highlight of his week. His organization just introduced the ability to automate several small tasks, and taking time off was one of them. Larry was able to scan an NFC (near-field communication) tag* in the office using his mobile device to request time off. In fact, Larry was so excited about this functionality, he accidentally requested the same week off three times. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why his timesheet and PTO was messed up in the first place. 
*NFC tags will not be provided by UKG. Organizations must purchase their own NFC tags to take advantage of this functionality 
a. Where is it: TLM Release Notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins and employees 

5. Download Multiple Employee Documents with Ease 

With Phil in Pennsylvania, Rita gone, and Larry on vacation, it is up to Nancy and Buster to hold down the fort. With Rita being terminated, Buster has a lot of documentation and reports to sort through. Luckily, with this latest enhancement, Buster can download all of Rita’s documents at once into a zip file instead of downloading them one by one. 
a. Where is it: Cross Product and HR Release Notes 
b. Who will use it: Admins

6. Employee Assignment Report — New Columns Added 

Groundhog Day got Nancy thinking: How has the team’s hourly rate changed since last year? Actually, it got her thinking how the team itself has changed since last year. Thanks to the new columns added in the Employee Assignment Report, Nancy can easily run one simple report to find out the hourly rate and total compensation from last year as well as which members of the team were working last Groundhog Day. 
a. Where is it: HR Release Notes
b. Who will use it: Leaders 


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The content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, executive relationship director and former UKG customer. Brad identifies key features in recent releases, and Amanda translates them into story form. We hope you enjoyed this article on release 79! Please stay tuned for more real-life, relatable examples about UKG Ready features in action.